Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's November

Errlorr :)

weeeeeee cheer for me coz I'm back to update after a long some time.
Sorry for my outdated bloggie, I was kinda busy recently. (or should I say, LAZY??!) hee.

At the blink of eye, another month had passed. Hmm.. Not much feeling actually. We are all so used to the fast pace of time aren't we? 

I'm just super duper happy that Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (part1) will be showing soon, like real soon baby..YIPEEEE! XOXO for Harry :) Can't wait to watch!!

The triangle of a student's life.

Sometimes we just get tired and sick of the hectic and competitive life. It's really annoying. Why can't I have more hours in a day? Why can't I have some real peace? 

Life isn't that easy, I guess. I just have to grow tougher and tougher than ever. (duh, not physically lah)

and so..I pasted these colourful sticky notes on my study desk.  To be frank, I see it more as a kind of.. room decoration.  apparently. lol.

And YES, MONEY is my motivation :)) I study for the sake of my future wealth and don't tell me you're not. Please, be realistic. Ha. 

Luckily we're gonna have our Deepavali study break holiday. Hee. I'm not going back coz I'm lazy (lol) but hopefully I'm gonna have a great time here with all my books and files in ktj. HAHAs.

Oh well, this is just a short update to keep my blog fresh.. I'll update more soon I promise!

I see you  :)