Friday, April 13, 2012

Productive afternoon @ Jing-Si Books and Cafe

Although I am back in Penang for 'holiday' but it's not really a time for me to totally relax because, well.. A2 exams are coming soon in June and it's now the most crucial time of my life so far i think..huhu

So I have been trying hard to do some revision before going back to KTJ but knowing me....the best procrastinator on earth..I need to find some new environment (as long as it's outside my bedroom) to force myself into study mode.

One of the places I've tried besides my dad's office is Jing-Si Books and Cafe.

Operated by Tzu-Chi organization, Ji-Si Books and Cafe opens daily from 12pm to 8pm.

Its tranquil and serene environment offers the best space for those who are busy or troubled to seek peace and calmness. With published books from Still thoughts and also other inspiring publications arranged on the book shelves, this cafe is a place to cultivate wisdom too as you sit down to read a good book, rethink about life while sipping a cup of aromatic tea.. or simply do nothing and just enjoy a peaceful afternoon with friends. This is what the cafe aims to offer.

Words of wisdom of the day for me :)

Productive afternoon. Microeconomics done! *ticks syllabus happily*


Out of all I ordered this 知足茶 'Tea of Contentment'
(Japanese Gen-Mai Cha)

Perhaps I was feeling happy and contented at that moment so the name of the tea caught my eye straight away when I read the menu. Also because I love Japanese stuff :)

Few years back I used to come here quite often. But I never like it here during exam seasons simply because there would be zillions of people (well, hyperbole) here and you could never concentrate fully.

Fortunately I went at the right time. There were a few customers only throughout the day and I was literally enjoying peace and calmness! *like a boss*

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sightseeing: Hotel Penaga

I was having lunch with daddy in Georgetown yesterday when we happened to pass by this row of eye-catching reconstructed heritage building.

Converted from pre-war shop houses, this boutique hotel has infused its every space with modern amenities while preserving the heritage side of the building. It's a perfect blend of the old and new I would say.

Piqued by curiosity we went in to look around.

A mini swimming pool beside the hotel's restaurant. 

Pretty cool but I thought it's for kids only. I wouldn't want to swim in that small space (as if I'm very big sized) but that's not the point. My main concern is that..People eating in the restaurant can see you quite clearly. Isn't this awkward :P


I adore those coloured glass panels...


and the patterned tiles.. 

hmm they have got a lift. not bad..


You can definitely detect the nostalgic ambiance of Old Penang here.
The vintage houses where my paternal grandparents used to stay when they were still young.

 Didn't get to see their rooms but apparently they must be really beautiful inside.
RM450 per night. hmm....

A cool mural by local artist behind the hotel.

I wouldn't mind to pay and stay over if I'm not a Penangite ;P
too bad I am. oh well.

Moments behind these dishes

Have been eating quite a lot lately. Especially seafood.. nyamnyam :)

This is not supposed to be a proper blog post. I just couldn't resist myself from uploading all the yummy food photos up here. Imma make you feel hungry. Haha, my own tummy's growling now -.-

I just thought that it's not just about how tasty or how expensive the food you are consuming but who are you spending your meal time with.

That's the reason that makes the dining experience extraordinarily memorable I guess.

Right after I came back from the Sabah trip, my dearest girl friends/ ji muis asked me out for gathering. It's seriously so hard for all of us to get together nowadays since everyone is studying at different places and it's pretty difficult to find a mutual free time among us.

Even for this time when Hui Chuin came back from UK, Soon Yee's still stuck in Singapore coz of her finals. The 5 princesses (coughs) haven't reunited since I don't even know how long ago already.... :(

Salmon teriyaki. All time favourite!

Some bbq pork in claypot. quite nice :D

Shoyu Ramen and some spicy Nori Ramen behind.

I love the way 4 of us shared 2 bowls of noodles.
It's a way of showing how close we all are.. as the Chinese saying goes: 一人一半 感情不散 :)

Went to Gurney Paragon for desserts after that. It was my first visit even though it has opened for some time. I love how Penang develop nowadays. So many new cool hang out spots!

First time trying 'Meet Fresh'.
I think it's heavenly delicious :DD Not-too-sweet desserts are always my preference.

Soya bean curd ice with boiled peanuts, red beans and Pearls as topping.
Pour the fresh cream milk given over it and voila, Perfect!

 A lot of laughter and gossips behind these pictures x)

 We still had dim sum at our 老地方 as usual the next morning. It's like a must-do every time we meet up. But I didn't snap photos of it :/

Chendol moments with family in the hot afternoon.
This is not the famous one from Penang road but oh well, they all taste equally good to me x)

Not that fussy nowadays. Perhaps I have been staying outside Penang for some time so now, as long as it is Penang food I will be contented.

 Was craving for seafood even after I ate a lot during my trip to Sandakan.
So Daddy brought us to 'Ocean Green' for their famous Cheese Crabs! Wheee heaven heaven heaven <3

Oh here's some shots from Sandakan's famous Seafood Restaurant 'Ocean King':

Butter Crabbieee :)

BIG FAT JUICY PRAWNS with yi min noodles. *drools*
It would be even better if we were rich enough to order lobsters heh :)
Next time then.

Enjoyed so much with awesome friends during the trip. 
Espeically when their seafood is so fresh and gigantic! haha

Ending today's post with my new addiction: dong fong lo ♥

Still can't believe that I have never tasted these juicy snails before. ohh what have I been doing for my past 20 years.... *facepalm*
freaking miss it! :')

ok hope you are hungry by now :P