Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just sleep

Breakfast to kick start the day: 
'Bon Go Jang' Fresh Udon and seaweed

Slept really, really early last night around 8pm. I was not feeling well and there were symptoms of falling sick. Since my brain wasn't functioning properly, I had to give up on my study plan and go to bed early.

Ironically, I wasn't feeling happy at all even though.. I should be: Finally found a legit excuse for me to sleep instead of revising.

Right -.-

I guess it all comes to the same theory. When you finally manage to skip school by pretending that you're sick, I swear it's one of the best feeling ever on earth. But you won't feel good when you're really ill and couldn't go out to hang out with people.

Anyway, I would like to express my gratitude to my caring housemates :) Thank you..
Chwin Wern: for the Panadol.
Hana: for refilling my water bottle for me with Redoxon Vitamin C effervescent tablet.

I'm feeling more energized now!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Savoring life’s simple pleasures

 Meiji plain crackers
Highland cherry tomatoes with roasted sesame salad dressing
Campbell mushroom soup with croutons.

Those days when you feel reluctant to get up early and go to the dining hall... 

It's always not a bad idea to create your own breakfast menu out of the limited groceries and kitchen facilities available.You will be surprised at how much satisfaction a simple meal prepared by yourself could offer.

I was in my room all day long with piles of books and notes and past year papers... so dull and boring that I really feel like fast-forwarding everything to 8.30pm of 22nd June. (last paper fyi)

I thought.

until I got an unexpected 'Chatime' delivery :B

Though it wasn't my favourite flavour, I couldn't stop smiling from the first sip all the way till the last 'pearl'. It's the thought that counts, really. 


Saturday, May 19, 2012

A good start

Started my first paper of the term yesterday and I am glad to say that I had given my best shot.
Although I thought that the paper was pretty easy, it was tedious and the probability of making careless mistakes was relatively high. Nevertheless I swear I was being extra paranoid and careful  when solving each question. Doing like this was time consuming but at least safer.

So presumably nothing went wrong I think I am definitely getting a perfect score this time.whee this is a very good start :D


Steph and Hana were busy discussing their Stats paper after coming back and I had not enough energy to shoo them out of my room. Standing ON my comfy bed! Vandalizing my whiteboard! wth and it's not like I remember the topics in that module also (I took it like..last year?) Couldn't even join in the conversation! But still, my two darlings were just funny and lovable I just sit there and stare at them :) ♥


 Woke up this morning when Ms Campbell delivered these sweet things to my room.
Exam Care Package! :') huhu best Housemistress on earth thank you so much it made our day.

And then I remember a few days back daddy sent me a cheesy email with all the motivational elements in it as usual. At first I laughed so hard because he's too cute to write a letter for his daughter. I mean how many people's daddy do that? I laughed because I sensed that he's trying to do something really inspiring and touching and I was like : No, daddy you please don't try to do cheesy stuffs I am so not gonna fall into your trap & cry like mummy haha :D But at last I still shed some tears partly because I was tired after studying and felt homesick at the same time. Gee thanks daddy you successfully made my eyes puffy the next morning.

and then I also recalled all the cute, naggy words of wisdom from ze monkey, asking me when's my first paper, have I been studying, whether I have got any further maths questions to ask or not etc.

There are so many people supporting my back. Seriously what else could I ask for..


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bok Sat

20 Library Motto of Harvard University (not sure whether it's really from Harvard but this definitely is some genius production) Came across this on the internet and felt like sharing with you readers. Just in case you haven't read about it.

If you take a nap now, you will have a dream; if you study now, your dream will come true.
When you feel that its late at night, it is still early in the morning.
Do not drag anything from today to tomorrow.
Study is a temporary pain, but not knowing is a life-long pain.
Study isn't about the matter of time, its about the effort.
Study isn't everything in your life but what else can you do if you can't even accomplish this one part of your life (study)?
Please enjoy this inevitable pain.
The true taste of success is to be faster, to be earlier, and to be a more hardworker than others.
There is no easy path to success, one much comes from the inner self-discipline and determination.
Time is running-up.
The drool of your nap will be the tears for tomorrow.
Learn like a dog, play like a gentlemen.
Stop today, run tomorrow.
 A realistic person is those who invest in current.
The degree of education represent the amount of income.
There will be no second today.
Your opponents are flipping their books, even now.
No pain, no gain.


Inspiring, isn't it?

I just have to keep on gulping especially at number 13.
Like seriously, guilty to the max!  Is this God's purpose to show me this today when I'm being unproductive? If it is, then gosh, it really helps. 感恩。

Let's continue to bok sat!
Oh by the way 'bok sat' means work really hard in Cantonese. It's almost equivalent to 'pia' in Hokkien. Whee. cute word right ♥ :)

and I am so going to stay up tonight.
Yes, call me the unhealthy owl or anything you like. Whatever la I am never a morning person anyway.

And I don't need to fret about any worsening condition of my puffy/panda eyes because I have my secret beauty weapon!!

Pre-moistened eye pads soaked in cucumber essence. Pretty cool huh?
It works better when you put it in the refrigerator before using.

but frankly speaking this product is quite redundant actually. Don't really see much effect after using. Might as well just buy real cucumbers and put on your eyes. Cheaper somemore.

Oh well.. Girls and their irrationality :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Craving for Ninja

 Ever since I had my first bite on a Ninja Joe's burger , I got hooked on it forever like a drug addict.
It's like another 'Chatime' to me, something that I can never miss if I see the outlet.

It's not easy to find a non-halal fast food outlet in Malaysia, which makes Ninja Joes really cool. I mean thinking about having fast food like Mc Donalds again can sometimes be depressing.
Fret not, this is a perfect alternative (provided, of course, if you're a non-Muslim). In fact, the patty is homemade and it feels more authentic.

Went to The Gardens again that day and was relieved that I finally got to satisfy my cravings after so long. nom nom nom.

Tried 'Big Boss' meal for the first time. I wouldn't say it's heavenly because it pretty much tastes the same like the other usual 'ninjas'. The only difference is that it's bigger, and you have an extra fried egg in it. You can even add RM1 for cheese or bacon. Overall I still prefer the normal ninja burgers than this bigger version one. It's a bit too big that people with small mouth like me need quite some effort (i.e. open mouth widely) when eating.

Plus, by ordering 2 or 3 normal ninjas instead of one big boss you get to taste more variety of sauces like teriyaki, sweet & sour, black pepper etc. But oh well, the sauce doesn't really make much difference. The pork patty itself earns the overall marks.

Hana enjoying her 'big boss' too. 
"Too big" she said. "How to eat??" 



 Ok great I am hungry now again.

Someone please tapao for me if you happen to pass by. kthxbai.

 Exam's coming and I still have time to camwhore as usual.

Have a fruitful week ahead!

 missu :3 ♥

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Hello Kitty Nerd Specs

Oops just realised that I haven't been updating for more than a week already. (okay not 'just' realised, I knew this all the way) argh how to gain loyal readers like that? :/

Felt so guilty when I listed out the topics I wanted to share with you guys yet still not being posted up.

Let's see.. it's already May now and I didn't even talk about my 20th birthday celebration. -.-
So many events last term I didn't even blog about any of them! Worst thing of all, I found out that I still have zillions of beautiful Japan trip photos last year yet to be shared. fml.

Huhuhu one of my favourite birthday present :)  Kawaii-des!!
Thank you Chir Wey and Hazel ♥


Study Leave has already started which means I don't need to go for official lessons anymore. Just a few more extra class and I shall be totally prepared for my A2!

Can't wait anymore.
Done with my application for intercollegiate halls accommodation last week and just found out that staying one night in London would cost me at least 24.7 pounds (for a single room). That's like you can have a deluxe super single room with en suite bathroom in other parts of UK. oh well.

I am so near already.
Just one more step, Grace, one more... *pulls socks up*