Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's Japan: Asakusa

Yes, finally another Japan trip post. I will be posting a lot more and it's just the matter of time.

Let's see, after Disneyland what should I post? oh btw I'm not doing all these in chronological order. Not gonna put Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 etc. Simply because there are too many things to show in just one day.

So today it's about my visit to the famous Sensoji Temple (浅草寺) in Asakusa, a district in Taito, Tokyo. It's so popular that no one would miss this during their trip to Tokyo.

shall not write much. I guess photos are already self-explanatory.

 Silver Ginko tree (银杏树) all over Tokyo during Autumn. 


Cleansing at the Dragon head's fountain before praying. Follow the Japanese style!
but the water is so icy cold that my hands had gone numb for a while after that. Probably due to the cold weather. 


After praying we went down the streets for shopping.

No bicycle from here. LOL at the 下马 if you understand mandarin :)

Their mamak stalls with awesome street snacks. No time to sit down though :( 

haha! so funneh


They sell these fancy mochi or cakes or whatever it is at almost everywhere. Obviously targeting on tourist because these are just perfect souvenirs. No doubt they look really attractive and kawaii but taste wise, it's a bit disappointing. Japanese desserts are really just all about red bean paste. Not a big fan so, yea.

Mochis made on the spot. Looks really tasty but hmmm, I don't know why my taste buds just don't like the flavour and the texture. 

______* end ♥ 

mmhmm I think Asakusa is really awesome as it has got the old Japan kind of feel. It's just like a mini Kyoto inside Tokyo city. haha. Not just because of the beautiful Zen architecture but also the vibrant colours all over the long streets of stalls and shops. Simply an amazing place.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ferris wheel is ♥

Was busy packing to go back to college just now and got emotional when the song 'Waltz', ending theme song of my all-time-favourite anime was playing on iTunes. so I decided to 'korek' out one of my favourite photo shot in Japan to post it up here.

Hmm, holiday's ending, hectic life is approaching. and oh, examinations are waiting. 
Isn't life like revolutions after revolutions of a Ferris wheel ride?

Ferris wheel near Toyota Mega Web in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay.
One of the largest in the world.

"When I was little, I didn't understand why Ferris wheels existed.
They were just sluggish and went up high. I got bored with it after only one ride.
The roller coaster and the loop slider... I only paid attention to the thrilling rides.
But I kind of understand now. 

This thing called a Ferris wheel is here for slowly cutting across the sky with the person you like and maybe saying things like, "Isn't this a little scary?". "
-Takemoto Yuuta, Honey and Clover

imagine him speaking this in Japanese, using a nostalgic tone.
mmm. Up till today I still think it's pretty romantic for him to have thought like that ♥

P.S. I still owe you readers all those lengthy blog posts about my trip. give me some time, will update asap :)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Dream big 2012

So it's 2012 already and I guess I should have an enthusiastic 1st-post-of-the-year *BIG SMILEY FACE* :) 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE  ♥♥ May you have a wonderful 2012!! *fireworks*

Was supposed to list down my new year resolution but I guess putting it up here just doesn't seem right afterall. I prefer writing it down in my organizer/doodle book. Besides, it's a bit mainstream to blog about resolutions. lol.

Albeit so, I still want to tell you readers that I am really anticipating how awesome my 2012 is going turn out like. It would be an interesting one I reckon, but it better be much much greater than the past years!

So in this new happy year, let us all strive to make sure that it would really turn out to be how we have wished it to be. but before that, remember to
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always; and big dreams do come true.