Friday, August 19, 2011

Boo! I'm back to blogging :D

my gawd..first week of Upper 6 was already hectic enough. and it's just the start!
Apparently, there are more challenging topics in class now and it's just so hard to get yourself back to the track after a one-month holiday. So many readings required for my econs and history! Plus, wtf I have to resit for history in November = extra stressssssss.

Argh it was so close I could have gotten an A. Initially I didn't expect much for history, coz..well, I don't really need a star for that. I thought I can just score A and then sit down and relax a bit for next year's A2. Now? Give me a B? FINE.

If life give you lemons, don't just make lemonade.  
Make life take the lemons back!
Guess what, I'm so motivated now to resit properly and score 100% UMS . Perhaps last time i wasn't aiming for A* since I'm always the easily contented person and since I only need A* for maths and econs.  but nowwwwww.. I WANT AN A* FOR HISTORY TOO.  

oh well. let's stop complaining. oh oh I got single room now! yay ;) will be staying in this room until I graduate from ktj :) So, here's an insight of my lovely and cosy room ❤ (might be a bit messy coz I didn't purposely tidy up my room for photo taking like I always did hahaha ) It's just the first few days though. I will decorate more soon :)

 I love the sky colour outside my window! don't you? and those water vapours explains how low was the temperature in my room. Heh. no air cond no life :D

   DIY Door sign on my door. Would you like to come in? :)

  Polaroids of everyone on one of the board in Alia house.

 my name will be remembered. lololol :)

Anyway, just a short one this time. I have lots of things to sort out first before blogging more. Anyway tomorrow's House Night and there will be lots of fun activities happening! ALIA LOVE xoxo


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's mandarin time!

heh allow me to use mandarin for this post.
I have a sudden urge to use my mother language. this post only lah.

and oh, if you'd like to know what I'm talking about but you don't understand chinese, there's always google translate for you :) though their translation sucks, you can at least get a picture of what I'm writing about.

嗯 好久没有用华语了,觉得自己的母语都快生锈了吧?

可是,我除了写作文,其他的其实都不感兴趣。告诉我谁会喜欢文言文啊?! 可能有些人会喜欢,可我就绝对不ok。讨厌,就是这些害我的SPM华文考到不满意的成绩。不过也算了吧,who cares?







很多东西,可以在短时间内改变。你不要问我为什么突然会放弃梦想,这是很难回答的。看清了现实吧也许? 我终于接受世上有很多的变数,很多的没想到。


我终于彻底了解为什么人家说,许下的诺言就是欠下的债。我也终于领悟到,如果有人没有实现他对你的诺言,不要问为什么。我们别计较,我们没有必要去讨债。 不是因为他忘记了,而是因为他做不到了。

人最好不要停留在一个地方太久。人生,就是要一直前进。偶尔回首,但别再眷恋过去。我们始终不能回去。那又奈何? 说起来有点残忍,但有什么办法,你我始终不是过去的我们了。



所以,结论:我不会选择嫁给不懂华语的男人,哪怕只是当一天的男朋友。不可能。I will not compromise on this. 但, 好怕有一天会打消念头 *笑*

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Sunday; Dinner at Xuan Xin Restaurant, Gurney Plaza. 

I call this the 'errr-ha-ha-very-funny' face of me.    a.k.a.  fake smile. lol.

Going to do hair rebonding tomorrow. And bangs, perhaps? After one year. My hair is now a mess that it makes me look like a stupid mermaid that didn't brush her hair for years. I need to straighten it until it looks like a broom :D

Term 3's coming soon. Like, this coming Sunday. A year at KTJ has passed. (and one more year to go!) There will be new L6 juniors coming. And I'm kinda excited to meet all the new bank scholars. I want to guide them like how my seniors guided me last time. lol. Let's just hope I don't teach them naughty things heh :P

Stay tuned for my new hairstyle. I hope it'll suit me :3

Sunday, August 07, 2011

kawaii :)

I've always been a fan of hello kitty. It may not be obvious because I'm not the extreme kind but I really like that cat and her company, Sanrio. I can spend hours at the hello kitty section in Parkson. I used to be so crazy over the Sanrio clothing brand in Thailand and I can still remember good old times when I collected all the hello kitty merchandises from Mc Donald's. Up till today I still don't allow my mum to give them away.

It has been a while since my last hello kitty fever.. until recently. 

Last friday, when we 'drive-thru' Mc Donald's I discovered this cute toy from my little sister's Happy Meal box.  O________O   ... kawaii des!

but I don't like pinky stuff.
Only the original hello kitty with a red ribbon on her left ear will make me smile.

It's just simply cute and classy. ❤

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Just ate a bear

Life can either be dull or stressful sometimes.  

and i guess.. a little dose of cuteness everyday is a luxury indeed.

Teddy bear sponge cake. 

Nomz ;-)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Like a G12

Finally. Got my Canon Power Shot G12.
Thanks a lot daddy! I'll shall not disappoint you, I hope ;)

So, here's some edited pics of my new camera.  hmm..
haven't thought of a name for this baby yet. Any ideas?  haha

Dad wanted to buy a dslr for me and I was initially tempted. but...
Knowing me as a photography noob, I don't think I should get one yet.. especially now when I don't have much time to play. Plus, I'm not really into all these confusing photography thingy. I just want to take good quality photos and then edit them. lol. Well, a more important fact is that G12 has got the chio look I want but not too bulky at the same time. Perfecto! :)


Looking forward to take more beautiful photos using my new camera :) Stay tuned.

and ohh. Holidays almost ending. Results coming out soon too. *shivers*
I hope I've scored well :) wish me luck! ❤