Friday, August 19, 2011

Boo! I'm back to blogging :D

my gawd..first week of Upper 6 was already hectic enough. and it's just the start!
Apparently, there are more challenging topics in class now and it's just so hard to get yourself back to the track after a one-month holiday. So many readings required for my econs and history! Plus, wtf I have to resit for history in November = extra stressssssss.

Argh it was so close I could have gotten an A. Initially I didn't expect much for history, coz..well, I don't really need a star for that. I thought I can just score A and then sit down and relax a bit for next year's A2. Now? Give me a B? FINE.

If life give you lemons, don't just make lemonade.  
Make life take the lemons back!
Guess what, I'm so motivated now to resit properly and score 100% UMS . Perhaps last time i wasn't aiming for A* since I'm always the easily contented person and since I only need A* for maths and econs.  but nowwwwww.. I WANT AN A* FOR HISTORY TOO.  

oh well. let's stop complaining. oh oh I got single room now! yay ;) will be staying in this room until I graduate from ktj :) So, here's an insight of my lovely and cosy room ❤ (might be a bit messy coz I didn't purposely tidy up my room for photo taking like I always did hahaha ) It's just the first few days though. I will decorate more soon :)

 I love the sky colour outside my window! don't you? and those water vapours explains how low was the temperature in my room. Heh. no air cond no life :D

   DIY Door sign on my door. Would you like to come in? :)

  Polaroids of everyone on one of the board in Alia house.

 my name will be remembered. lololol :)

Anyway, just a short one this time. I have lots of things to sort out first before blogging more. Anyway tomorrow's House Night and there will be lots of fun activities happening! ALIA LOVE xoxo