Friday, November 16, 2012

Dinner at La Casita

Quick post on an authentic Spanish dinner I had recently.

It was just another mediocre Tuesday.. but these days are the best kind of days to have. Especially after the marathon of tests, assignments, presentation and coursework which has (for the moment) come to an end.

Only one tutorial for the whole day and then you are free to spend the rest of the afternoon like a boss. What's more it's my favourite class of the week!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Short update/ Teaser

Terribly sorry for the lack of updates again, people :/
and this will be just a short update..promise to blog properly soon.

I had been quite busy for the last two weeks. There were module tests and courseworks to be handed in, and I am starting to get the real taste of the university life. Nevertheless, thank goodness deadlines were all met.

Temperature plummeted again.  Once around 3 in the morning (when I was still up and not sleeping), it was a friggin 0℃ outside! Was a little excited to be honest even though i sound like a jakun.. I really thought that it might snow in the next minute (lol) because friends in the North (durham, newcastle, york) and even bath had already experience their first snow! And mind this, it's just Autumn.

But I kind of like the cold weather, as long as the wind doesn't blow against me. And I believe that there's somehow a positive relationship between a person's mentality and his/her ability to withstand the coldness. Somehow, even though not proven.

Walking home from library alone in the cold during midnight, wearing thin layers of sport attire for outdoor training when it's so chilly...

Everything would be fine when you brave yourself and stay strong.
Guess I am adapting well?