Why Blogging

Lying on my bed as I typed this while waiting for my trip photos to be uploaded in another tab, I asked myself: Why blogging?

I first started blogging during a mediocre school holiday back in 2006, when I was merely an immature school girl who thought that she needed a larger platform other than friendster (the facebook back then) to express herself and to show off her life stories online. 

Frankly, I could hardly remember vividly what I wrote for my first post (because I deleted them all long ago, and I very much regret it now!!!) but I am sure it was something sentimental and somewhat, a failed attempt to act mature haha. Looking back now, my blog in those days, albeit comprising a little too much cheesy craps for a teenager (with all the I-thought-I-know-what-life's-all-about posts), it after all, did serve me well as a virtual void for me to pour in my thoughts and feelings, and occasionally some photos of recent trips or events that I had attended.

For some stupid reasons in 2009,  I decided to eradicate my old blog (with every single posts brutally deleted lol) and change the blog url. I stopped writing and posting photos for a few months and then revived it in March 2010. And tada, here you have, gracemode.blogspot.com, the humble blog you are now reading.

Every now and then, I blog because of an igniting passion within.

I would say blogging is my hobby. I like to blog because it gives me an ultimate satisfaction whenever I accomplish the task of publishing a lengthy (or photo overloaded) blogpost. Also, I like letting people out there (whether you know me personally or not) to have a picture of what and how am I currently doing. I mean, I really enjoy telling stories and sharing experiences.

In the long run, however, I view it as a huge project of recording the nitty-gritties of my entire life. It will eventually become a life log which I can show to my children and even grandchildren in the future. But before we even reach that state, I guess it's always nice to look back at your past self and realise how much you have changed since and how far have you come to in life.

Also, seing the fast-growing blogging industry with the mushrooming of successful bloggers, I wouldn't deny that I too, have the ambition of making this blog onto your list of daily must-visits someday.

So, back to the question: Why blogging?

The simplest and most genuine answer is because.. You read. That's why I blog.
I mean if there's no reader, I wouldn't call this a blog. It is a diary then.