Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fast Food in HK

Talk about speed and efficiency- Fast food has always been the easiest and fastest way(literally) to appease my random hunger pangs.

Now when we say fast food, I'm sure things like burgers, fries, pizzas and soft drinks would appear on your mind stereotypically.

But Hong Kong kind of gave me a whole new definition of fast food.

Value set with cold drinks.

Yes, Hong Kong style fast food it is.
It may look kind of simple and disappointing.. But trust me, (or at least my sophisticated taste buds) the taste wasn't bad at all!

French toast covered with extra sugar and condensed milk.
(ouuu. guilty pleasures)

 碗仔翅 'wun zai qi' or shark's fin soup (without shark's fin)

le bowl of awesomeness. *slurps*

FYI, There are three main fast food chains in HK, namely:
Cafe de Coral 大家乐
Fairwood 大快活
Maxim's MX 美心

and the one I dined in was called Fairwood. (notably with orange interior)

Though this type of fast food had been there for many years, I'm still impressed with the creativity to integrate daily hk delicacies into fast food.

And then of course, there's Mc Donald's where I couldn't resist myself from buying something even when I'm not that hungry.

because they have the cutest chicken nugget box ever!! ( ˘ ³˘)♥
(and really cool nugget sauce too)

Apparently during our trip, their Happy Meal that week was with Hello Kitty theme! Lucky us.

Just HKD 25 for one! (approximately RM10)
Reasonable price for something exclusive I guess (^▽^)ツ

I mean how often can you see a black skeleton hello kitty?! somehow disgustingly cute, don't you think so? heh

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Ravings before leaving

Last week was pretty happening.

A few buddies came over to Penang island and I sort of became an amateur tour guide. It was really fun and tiring at the same time, but most importantly I was happy to actually have some serious food trip before flying off (man, I cannot follow boys for food how can they eat so much hahaha they're like black holes!) Then, Visa application finally done (thanks to the delayed cas letter -.-) Then off for some shopping where I bought the largest amount of stationery ever in my entire student life. It feels kind of nice, getting the chance to throw everything I want into the shopping basket. Anyway voila, most things to be ticked off the list are all over.

Now once again, I'm struck by the truth of the world's most cliche saying- that time really flies. I took a quick glance at the calendar a few seconds ago and realised that I'm about to leave my hometown in one week's time. Like, 7 days left in Malaysia.(゚д゚lll)

It's not my first time leaving home. This time, however, is going to be so much different compared to the last time I left home. I am going to leave my family, temporarily migrate and settle down in a foreign land full of strangers with thick accents. In fact, I've already found out a few ang moh's that's going to be staying in the same student house as me.

Ah, that awkward feeling when you stare into that person's fb profile, convincing yourself "oh hey this person's my future housemate. oh I hope he/she's a nice person to stay with.."

*inhales* Keep your mindset open, Grace. It's going to be an amazing year ahead! *YOLO.

Forced to play Club Penguin's cards with baby sister. It's extremely lame and boring for me, but she loves it. So, oh well, why not.

Somehow I have a really mixed feeling right now. And that's not a good sign.

I'm saying this because God knows when am I coming back to Malaysia again. Probably next year's summer break but still, I need to friggin wait for 9 months or so. Mum and Dad promised to visit me during winter, but they aren't going to bring any of my sisters along :(

Wonder if I would bawl like a baby the minute I bid farewell to my family at the airport. Hmm. Big chance I reckon.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

HK getaway: Night at Mong Kok

 Went for late dinner one night, after deciding to spontaneously drop off at Mong Kok MTR station.
We didn't even know what famous eatery should we head for. There were just too many choices, and we didn't actually research about Mong Kok district.

But one thing I like about randomness in a holiday trip is because, you discover surprises most of the time.

Walked into a random cafe/cha chaan teng that looked kind of promising, and then observed what other local customers had on their tables as we were led into the inner corner of the cafe for our seats. No more empty tables and we had to 'tap toi' or in English, share a table with the others.

Ordered this Cheong fun (with juicy beef & char siew inside).
You can add sesame and soy sauce on it according to you own preference.

 After my first bite, for a moment, it made all the things on my virtual list of favourite food move down a column. Man I am not even trying to exaggerate it.

It really was soooooooooooo good I felt like swearing.
(guess I did already haha)

One of the best soya bean milk I've ever tasted in my life.  

And also one of the best 'yau zha guai'/ 油条 ever. The best ones are probably still from my hometown. Heh.

It was an epic moment when both me and my aunt smiled and exclaimed at the same time "omg 很好吃!!! "  It was delicious, really.

Homemade. Good stuff!

Taxis, mini buses, and billboards. This is Hong Kong.

Street stall selling magazines and comics.

Uncle wearing white singlet, ah pek shorts and slippers, sitting by the roadside, enjoying the time of his life. haha


the best combinations ever. (^▽^)

It's very crowded and happening..and boy there were so many Sasa! I think I saw at least 3 branches in the same area. and also other cosmetics shops like Angel and Aster as you can see from the pics above. It was like heaven! but heaven also no use.. you need money though. haha

Nevertheless I think I bought quite a lot of masks here.
They were cheap! Like RM2 per piece only. And they're not of some random brands but good quality ones. If you buy back in M'sia it's like double the price here.

So why not?
杀!  \(≧▽≦)/

Women's street. Nothing much but mostly all the not-that-cheap-also imitations.
Well you could buy some souvenirs here like key chains and magnets with the word 'Hong Kong' printed on it. Just remember to bargain. Speak Cantonese if you can.

Walked pass this crowded shop and I was like "ooohhhh isn't this the one they opened in KL that day"

lol very kampung for a moment.

but I'm glad that I had my first bowl of Hui Lau Shan's dessert in Hong Kong itself.

Award-winning signature dish: 多芒小丸子 (Mango sago with glutinous rice balls)

Slurps. Another moment of happiness. ( ˘ ³˘)♥
Me and my tourist shots.


Had to end the post with this pic..
just because someone's legs appeared to be (a little, at least) longer in there.

Ah well ╭(╯ε╰)╮