Tuesday, February 28, 2012

4 years

is not a short period.

Things changed, people changed, the way your heart feels changed.
oh, and my hair grew longer.

It's really amazing to realize how much time could do to make us grow in just a short time.
:) Have a great Leap Day! After all, we can only have the next leap year 4 years later.

and how my life 4 years later look like depends on what I do starting today.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekend shopping + monday blues

Went out for weekend shopping yesterday :)
happiest time of the week ♥

Didn't buy any clothing this time. Not even a single T-shirt.
I don't know why but sometimes I just don't have the mood to shop for clothes. weird!
BUT I spent A LOT on groceries. my cupboard is full of FOOD now :P not forgetting those in the refrigerator. Feel so happy! Having good food in life means you're having a good life. LOL.

Showing some of my shopping haul.. all the non-food. oh well, not much but still,  spending on cute things can make me really happy :D

It's a pink bow hair band :) fluffy cute!

and this. 24 Twin tip markers for RM10 only. AHHHH best buy of the day :') I've been craving for colour markers for some time

Continental Bakery delivery from Penang! Thank you mummy daddy for buying me my favourite food :P and thank you Hazel for bringing them back to ktj! I can be fat nao haha ♥

*sigh* Tomorrow's Monday! and I am annoyed as usual :/ can't I have more holidays? seriously.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Keep calm and eat cupcakes

When it comes to baking, Alia house is the best.
 especially cupcakes!!

I'm not going to write much today but will just spam you with all these homemade pretty fairy cupcakes by Alia girls for the Charity sale this Saturday night.

Be prepared to drool...... :P




Red Velvet

aww. Aren't they gorgeous? The best part is that they taste really good too!

Never get tired of doing little things for others, 
sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

being appreciated is the best

So it was the forever alone day everyone had been joking about.
Or the Single Awareness Day (S.A.D). lol!

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to all sweet couples on earth :)

I am not really celebrating because oh well, hmm, simply because I have no date. boo :P
But still, I'm happy because our Interact Club earned quite a lot for our annual Valentines day Sale! *kaching kaching* haha! people can really become irrational consumers when it comes to love. Seriously, it's not like it's cheap also. lol.

Hmm. Valentine's day has always been the pathetic day of the year which I seriously feel like sleeping throughout the whole day. Since I can get envious of other people really easily, I might as well just avoid myself from seeing people with big bouquets of roses and teddy bears while I walk with my single girl friends, pretending that I don't give a damn and that I'm contented with my friends accompanying me.

It's really sad I would say.

I know we always say things like: Valentine's day is not the only day to show your affection to your loved ones and also not the day to just celebrate with your lover. / It doesn't matter whether you have a date or not, it's the day to spread out love to your friends and family too! / Single rocks! / etc.

.... bullshit :(  
You only say that because you are lying to yourself so that you feel better.
It's just like the story of a fox saying that the grapes up there are sour and not juicy just because it couldn't reach them.

Yes, I am happy with all my family and friends around me. but at this age, who wouldn't want someone special to be there with them? seriously who? I doubt.

I felt a little bit emo and I actually complained to my buddy, Nick about it. Sorry if I bugged you too much :) I mean, there were so many girls in our school that received roses this morning and why am I not one of them? Don't I deserve something too? I thought.

and then I started to calm down a bit and accepted the fact again that I need to wait longer for my turn. I actually started doing my homework and stuff happily like usual again :D  *high recovery rate*

and then..
surprises came.

*forgot to take photos of them. super cute and delicious cupcakes

Thank you so much for doing all these for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart simply because you let me realized that I am being appreciated and I am worth your time, effort and courage.

 :) You made my day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Food for skin

helloooo! can't believe I'm actually updating my blog again haha *so not me ^___^

And about today's post, it's not like I am trying to imply that I am very pro at taking care of my face (in fact I'm super lazy sometimes! haha) but I think it would be cool to share with you readers about my daily skin care products.

I mean, I can get really excited about all the bottles and tubes of skin care  :D

P.S. just sharing my personal experiences, not doing advertorial for them. Even though I wish I could have the chance to :D


I have the 3 basic necessities like everyone does : facial wash, toner and moisturizer.
and I have stopped using high-end skincare products from counters (if you get what i mean) because I realized that my skin couldn't really adapt to those 'luxuries' yet. Good lah, save money :)

It's obvious from the photo above, you can see that I really fancy Japanese skin care a lot. Notice all the Japanese words lol. I don't use Western brand anymore because to me, I somehow feel that those skin care products are formulated according to the needs of the Caucasian skin type and therefore wouldn't really suit Asian skin as much as those of Asian home brands.

And oh well, I am biased towards Japanese products :P

So.. let's see.. in case you don't understand my photo...

Facial wash:
I have two:  Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Face Wash & Nano White Awakening Snow Wash.  I use these two alternatively according to my mood haha.. But I tend to use Nano white more when I feel that my skin is oily/dusty or other words, dirtier. lol. It gives a cleaner and more refreshing feeling which Hada Labo lacks. but no doubt Hada Labo has got a really good moisturizing effect so I usually use it before I sleep.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion. This is a pretty popular product which is the No.1 bestseller in Japan and I am sure that most Malaysian girls are using this nowadays. Needless to explain more, its selling point, the super moisturizing effect and whatever 'one drop locks up the whole ocean' tagline is really not lying.

Muji's All in one essence. (The pink jar) It's a new product and apparently also a hit item in Japan because like its name suggests, it is a 3 in 1 mixture of toner/化妆水, moisturizer/乳液 and ‘beauty fluid'/美容液. Pretty cool isn't it.. I sometimes will just skip my hada labo toner and only use this after washing my face whenever I feel lazy. A great product, but after some time I start to dislike the gel-like texture. A bit too jelly-ish I would say.

Not forgetting to mention that I love using Japanese cotton pads instead of the normal ones. I forgot to take picture of these cute fluffy Japanese cotton pads but seriously, just try once and you will never want to use the normal ones anymore. Why? Simply because of the quality. They won't leave fluff or lint on your face like the usual ones do which is mad love!!! Got 2 boxes of 'Good Puff' at only RM5 from Daiso. damn cheap :D

And then let's see.. 

Make up remover:
Mandom Beauty Cleansing Express Moist Cleansing Lotion. Another cool Japanese product lol.
You can easily get these from Watsons Japasnese skin care counter. The main thing I like about it is because it is water based which doesn't make my face feel greasy after use. Plus, it contains moisturizing essence too so you basically can just go to sleep straight after wiping off your make-up using this awesome make up remover. No need to wash/apply lotion.

I used to have face scrubs like St.Ives (which is really good too! just that I didn't restock) but currently I am using this awesome substitution I got from Japan. Sanshokaken Shizenbi Natural Beauty Peeling Gel.  It basically shares the same function as facial scrub except the fact that it is less harsh to your skin. Usually use this twice a week.

And of course, MASKSSSSS.

The best of all haha! I have plenty of them and this is considered very little already because I haven't restocked yet. lol. There are so many choices of brands out there and I really can't say which one is better but.. I'm really in love with Taiwan's brand My Beauty Diary since long ago. If you remember my post in 2010  Others like Kracie from Japan (the red ones) and the cute cartoon mask from Korea (gift from my aunt). I've tried Hada Labo's moisturizing mask and it is seriously good as well but is a lil pricey to me. Oh and the heal pharm nose strips ( the white ones) are really awesome too they take away your annoying blackheads effectively! 

Okla that's it for now. Haha reviewing skin care products sure is fun!! hehe
Albeit so, I guess drinking sufficient amount of water is fairly important too which I usually don't practice. I am working hard on this to keep myself hydrated all the time. And also avoid oily food. which I also knew this since forever but it's always an epic failure :/

Do share with me your beauty tips too, yes?

_________________________ extra/random:

By the way after seeing Xiaxue with her extremely cute pet Holland lop, Igloo, I have this sudden urge to get one for myself too. I want a pet rabbit! not the usual ugly rabbit but a CUTE Holland lop/mini lop!

Just look at its face. awwwww  *melts*

huhuhu whatcha looking at? >:3

*pulls hair* TOO CUTE! I want one! They just remind me about my favourite Enid Blyton story I read when I was 7 or 8.."The little white rabbit" which i think is a Holland lop and not any normal rabbit with boring standing ears, according to the illustration in the book. <3

I think the price is around 500 bucks for a 8 week baby but it's cheaper in UK. So, yea, I'll control myself...and buy one when I go to London this September. Can't wait :3

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Awesome KTJ peeps

I'm seriously out of topic to blog about at the moment :/ but for the sake of updating my dear bloggie, I shall just post about my dear friends and also my dear Interact Club that colours my boarding life in KTJ. *korek-ing photos*

ah here you go.. some random shots during KTJ Interact Club's ice breaking session of the term. We always organize games every start of a new term to welcome the new comers to our big big family :)


my helpful VP doing the all talk while I can chill and take pichas haha :D

Joining Interact has been one of my best decision made in KTJ and will be one of my dearest memory in KTJ when I leave, definitely :')


 and then some random shots for Nicole's birthday surprise

steph and hana  my two little darlings :)


Kah Mun working hard :D

while nicholas play with the interesting box haha

Surprise! a big box with a small slice of cake inside hahaha :)

Happy Birthday Nicole you hot hot American chic :)

Great friends made life in the 'jail' so much better, really. *wears big smile*

This post is so crappy but I still like :D

boring nerd days

 have been studying all these while, that's why i seldom update.
gah, life is a lil too dull these days.

but what to do? I need my grades :)

oh well, in case you miss me 

despite all the nerding I somehow still have time to camwhore.
love me not? x)

will update more soon..