Tuesday, February 14, 2012

being appreciated is the best

So it was the forever alone day everyone had been joking about.
Or the Single Awareness Day (S.A.D). lol!

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day to all sweet couples on earth :)

I am not really celebrating because oh well, hmm, simply because I have no date. boo :P
But still, I'm happy because our Interact Club earned quite a lot for our annual Valentines day Sale! *kaching kaching* haha! people can really become irrational consumers when it comes to love. Seriously, it's not like it's cheap also. lol.

Hmm. Valentine's day has always been the pathetic day of the year which I seriously feel like sleeping throughout the whole day. Since I can get envious of other people really easily, I might as well just avoid myself from seeing people with big bouquets of roses and teddy bears while I walk with my single girl friends, pretending that I don't give a damn and that I'm contented with my friends accompanying me.

It's really sad I would say.

I know we always say things like: Valentine's day is not the only day to show your affection to your loved ones and also not the day to just celebrate with your lover. / It doesn't matter whether you have a date or not, it's the day to spread out love to your friends and family too! / Single rocks! / etc.

.... bullshit :(  
You only say that because you are lying to yourself so that you feel better.
It's just like the story of a fox saying that the grapes up there are sour and not juicy just because it couldn't reach them.

Yes, I am happy with all my family and friends around me. but at this age, who wouldn't want someone special to be there with them? seriously who? I doubt.

I felt a little bit emo and I actually complained to my buddy, Nick about it. Sorry if I bugged you too much :) I mean, there were so many girls in our school that received roses this morning and why am I not one of them? Don't I deserve something too? I thought.

and then I started to calm down a bit and accepted the fact again that I need to wait longer for my turn. I actually started doing my homework and stuff happily like usual again :D  *high recovery rate*

and then..
surprises came.

*forgot to take photos of them. super cute and delicious cupcakes

Thank you so much for doing all these for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart simply because you let me realized that I am being appreciated and I am worth your time, effort and courage.

 :) You made my day.