Monday, March 29, 2010

Beach Mode 18

Just like what I'd posted on my previous post, I was celebrating my 18th birthday last Saturday. It was the 27th of March, which obviously means that I celebrated it in advance. (fyi, mine is on the 30th)

We ( the 1st batch) arrived at the beach (in front of Paradise Sandy Beach Resort) around 5.30pm I guess. I thought it would be great for us to play at first, unfortunately the sun was still blazing mercilessly as if it was still 3pm. =.= Shoot.

Therefore, the 'candle princesses' a.k.a puteri lilin in the Malay language, sat under a big beach umbrella and started chatting, gossiping and pointing here and there at people along the seaside. Hmm we did saw a few beach boys hanging around but oh well, so-so only, NOT cute. =P

Half an hour later, when the sun was not that scorching anymore, we headed to the sea water, err, not to swim but just playing with the splashing waves. It was quite lame actually, but we just enjoyed it. Btw, we weren't beach babes who will wear bikinis, so, sorry for disappointing you =D

LOL I have no idea why I roared like that. Too excited, perhaps? Anyway, it was so sad that beaches of Penang Island nowadays were not as charming as before.

The water was not crystal clear, the seaside was polluted with litters left by irresponsible visitors, the sand was not white and powdery, so I really don't get it. Do we really still call it The Pearl of Orient? Surprisingly we could still see ang-mos coming for their vacation. I think they like the sun and the tropical weather here. But hey, we all know that UV light is really unhealthy, and the temperature is rising like what. So, umm, I don't know =S

Later on, all of my guests had arrived. We continued relaxing and playing by the beach, but the most important thing was, photo shooting! *snap*

(From left) Mei Sing, Mode, Feng Yu, Een Joe.

Yeah! We were the 1st batch to arrive. They're my very lovable childhood friends. I knew two of them since kindergarten, and the other since primary school. It's so cool that we're still so close until today. Aww =)

(From left) Soon Yee, Mode, Chai Li, Wendy, Hui Chuin.

Yup, they're my dearest Ji-mui gang. We always stick together like a cluster of super glue wherever we go and I often refer us as the 5 princesses (yea go on if you wish to vomit =P). Love them a LOT.

We had nothing to pose with, so erm, sea shell was our final decision. =.=

(Left pic) Yin Fang (Right pic) Jia Yu

Both of them are girls that you can siao with. Yin Fang is the omg-very-talented one while Jia Yu is the super blur one. LOL don't kill me, but ya she can be very yeng when she play the drums and set ppl's hair.

(From left) Feng Yu, Fanny, Mode.

Ms. Ti Fanny was the last to arrive. Grr I envy her long hair sooo much. She was my classmate from form 1 to form 3, and her class + school number was just right before mine.

7.15pm. Sunset. Wash feet. Dinner time!

I was really pissed off when we first reached the reception counter outside of the bistro. Long story.

Maybe the crew outside was blur, but hey, can't you be more polite when you're dealing with your customer, can you? Where did your manners go? You could just go and check with your leader or what before you treat me like that. Don't try to act like you know everything and don't ever try to test my patience. Luckily I was in a good mood, if not I'm going to ask you to apologize(wth, they didn't say sorry), or even worse, compensate me with free meals.

Fortunately, the handsome/yeng/man/professional/Not-blur/friendly/kind/polite/...(everything nice) chief waiter inside the bistro came out to rescue us.

"Ms. Wong right? 12 person? " a warm and lovely voice was heard as if it was the voice of my hero.

"YES!!" I answered happily.

"Oh please come in,"
then we all marched into the bistro without looking at the stupid receptionists. Haiya, I SHOULD have said these to them: " SEE? I had reservations okay? Next time please remember to polish your brain and wash your mouth. BAH. Happy working! "
LOL. I guess I was too polite for not doing that.

Forgetting the unhappy incident, we continued to enjoy our dinner. The atmosphere inside was so much better than the outside's. You know what I mean. Oh ya, there was a live band singing awesome songs for the customers. Super yeng! Anyway what do you expect, no hot guys singing lerr, only uncle and aunty.

Wen Hui (white-T) , the camera girl of the day. Thanks a whole bunch girl friend! She was so kind to help me out. =)

My dinner. I ordered this fish and wedges. The taste was not bad but it was so heavy that I bloated.Btw I kept checking on the time because I thought the bistro might support Earth Hour. But but, they didn't provide us with candles and didn't turn off the lights. Fine then, business is more important than earth. =.=

I forgot where did I read this:
" Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake".
Aww, I think it was cute.

After dinner, they tried tricking me to go out and sing at the live band's corner of the bistro. I was pretty sure that I smelled somthing fishy going around so I was well prepared. HAHA, you all can't actually trick me, but still I acted like I really didn't know anything. However, I was touched when the lights went off and a trolley was pushed out with a fabulous chocolate cake on it. Yeah the surprise was cool but cacat-ed one. Haha =P

It's our tradition that every birthday girl needs to remove all the candles on her cake by using her Mouth.
I was so damn worried about this part because I still want to eat my cake! LOL. Anyway, I did what they wanted me to do.

... ... And ended up like this.

By the way, We love cakes!
It was delicious/yummy and so, nothing else was left when there were so many sweet teeth around.

Thank you girls for everything. I appreciated it much. To those who couldn't make it on that day, I still want to thank you for the lovely pressies you gave me.

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Ok fine you all win.

I was Happy. I am Happy. I'll be Happy. =)

PS. Some photos were 'stolen' from wenhui and jiayu's album on Facebook. Thx for uploading.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday vs Earth hour

I'm so uber excited now.
I'm going to the beach for my birthday celebration with my dear ji-muis.

It's not just any birthday, it's my 18th =)

Yeah I'm gonna be an adult~

And adult means, ehem..
you can do anything you want to.

But I just realised that it's earth hour tonight at 8.30pm.
Oh gosh I'm not sure whether the bistro we're going later will support this campaign or not.
If it will, then HAHAHA.

I guess we might have candle light dinner tonight guys.


Ciao~ just a short post.
Stay tuned for more photos to be uploaded.

and oh ya,
Don't forget to switch off the electricity later!
Love Mother Earth, Peace :)

PS. Sorry for the low quality photos.
I don't know whether it's my problem or the camera's.
Anyway, I guess Olym.'s camera sucks.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Brand New Start

Yes, as you can see, my dear bloggie has gone through some transformations.

I've changed my blog's url, template, colours, and the most important thing - language. It's a little bit weird for me to post in english, but I guess as time passes I'll be able to get used to it. So will you, readers out there :) By the way, I'm so into typing in English because I don't need to figure out the chinese spellings a.k.a 汉语拼音 when I blog anymore! ooohyeah~

Perhaps this change might sadden some of my usual blog fans readers, but I'm really sorry because I've made my decision. Ah it's time for me to dance sorry sorry. *do the wash-hands-move*

A few more days to go and I shall be transforming into an 18-years-old adult. With the end of my high school life and also the result slip of SPM, I'm now proceeding to a brand new starting point. That's the main reason for me to do all these changes. We all used to share a lot of miraculous days together. Sadly, we have to separate to different paths now. The past will only keep on revolving in my heart as bittersweet memories. Well, time to grow up. I guess?

So, let's change the topic.
(I don't want my 1st english post to be soooo nostalgic. hee.)

Hmm.. AHA! An introduction.

Some of you who don't really know me well might be confused while looking at the blogger's name. Grace Mode. Yea, I know it sounds funny. =.=

First and foremost, Grace is my christian name though I'm not a christian actually. It seems like a trend to most of the chinese for naming their children like that. Yet to me, it's not official as the word Grace is not in my IC. My parents just call me for, umm, fun? haha

But HELLO? I've been Grace since the Jurassic era my dear. Just because I seldom introduce myself to the others in that name, it doesn't mean that I'm not Grace. Although it used to irritates me when my mum called me like that, but ya, I've now accepted it. In fact, I'm lovin it :D

I bet you've seen this funny-looking lady in the animated Disney movie - The Incredibles. I find her very cute indeed when I first saw her in the movie.

Back in form one, my classmates told me that I look like her. Obviously, her height is a classic one. Plus her hair style.. and also her harry potter glasses. hahaha! I think you can imagine how I look like during that time. One word: MODE!

And yup, that's how I got the nickname. I don't mind having nicknames, I mean, nicknames as cute as MODE. Friends of mine especially all the ji-muis always address me as 'Mode' or 'Modey'. In fact, they have forgotten how to call me in my actual name. LOL

So... after telling my long grandmother stories, I just want to say,
by combining the two, which is Grace and Mode, I get the best of both worlds.

Family and friends
embedded in my new blogger name :)

Thus my brand new start shall have you with me.

PS. Looks like I'm GAGA-ing in the left pic. lmao!

Let us keep on moving, carrying our precious things along,

when everything else had faded into memories.