Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Wanna Work There!!

Greetings to all :)
It's been a while since my last post. Oops.

Yep, read the title of the day and you'll know how much I like the central bank of Malaysia.
I don't know how to describe, it's more like love ♥ at first sight. XOXO

In case you don't know, I'd went to KL for the BNM scholarship award's interview previously.

Whether I'll be lucky enough to get the scholarship award or not, I am contented already. Haha, seriously it's very very lucky for me to be shortlisted for the interview.

I mean not everyone can get the chance to go into the central bank and experience the tough yet okay-lah interview there. The whole process was just, SOOOO NICE!! The classy cafeteria there is the main factor why I fall for the bank. Not forgetting to mention about the library, meeting rooms, offices, high-tech facilities etc. Muahaha.. *evil laughs* Haiyo how I wish I can work there in the future.

As far as I know, there were approximately 10k applicants this year and only 150 or less were shortlisted.

SEE?? It's like 1 percent only. How lucky am I and also my fellow group mates. Heehee. However, it was said that only 40 (or maybe less than that) lucky fellas will be awarded with this prestigious scholarship. So, it's merely hard by the way. In fact, I can't put too much hope on it. Arrgh, but I must also admit that I crave for it a LOT. I guess I still stand a chance right? haha maybe, hopefully =D

Will definitely post more about the memorable experience soon. Perhaps I should wait until the interview ends 1st. (fyi, there are different days for the interview, and shall end by this Thursday) I was told that it's confidential and we were not allowed to bring back our question papers given there, which reminds me of the word: SULIT. haha.

Hehe it looks familiar right?
I also wore the same thing to JPA's. Poor >.<

well, I guess this is it for today's post. Just a short one.
Stay tuned people! =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Black Day, eat black noodles!

Do you know what day is today?

14th of April, 2010. Wednesday. 
You might ask, what's so special about this day?

I google-ed for some info and here's what I'd got:

Black Day (april 14) is for single people to get together and eat noodles with black bean sauce in South Korea, sometimes a white sauce is mixed because those celebrating the Black Day didn't experience the White Day. The idea is that those who didn't give or receive gifts on Valentines Day or White Day can commiserate their singledom.

"a day lonely hearts try to ease their pain by diving head first into a bowl of noodles".

Aww...Cute isn't it? =)

It was said that all the singles will gather together to enjoy the noodles called jajangmyeon a.k.a 炸酱面. I've tried before in a Taiwanese restaurant but haven't really try the Korean style one. Okay next time I go into a korean restaurant, I'm going to order this Korean black bean noodle for sure. Yum yum I can't wait. =P

Back to our point, Black Day is actually a day to celebrate being single.
And I'm qualified to celebrate..

Boo Hoo Hoo ='( 

LOL I'm just doing some effect here. Ignore the emo me. Haha.
Honestly I think there's nothing to be ashamed of for being single.

Come on, you think you're still in the Ming dynasty? Nowadays single doesn't mean nobody wants you. It's probably because you don't want them. Right?

In fact, single is a kind of freedom.
If you're single, you can do what you like and when you like.

You can choose your friends to hang out and the movies you like, you can be as lam-nua as you want, you can also save money for long phone calls; but hey, the most important factor is, you can fantasize or flirt with any guy you like without feeling guilty. Wee~

Seriously, being single is an extremely positive state. You can avoid those sad moments or insecurities which will make your day blue.

By the way, loneliness and low self-worth are not excuses to choose a relationship over singledom. You should not have a relationship for the sake of having one. It never works out well.

On the other hand, make the most out of your freedom. Let's go out into the world and broaden our horizons. The world is still very large for us to explore so stop sighing for not having a partner. In fact, the more varied your life the happier and more interesting you will grow to be.

And you know what, soon or later someone just as happy and interesting will eventually find you. =) ah and finally you will get the chance to celebrate Valentines Day instead of eating jajangmyeon on Black Day. rofl.

Hey this is not jajangmyeon okay? LOL. It's my all time favourite. Simple but delicious.
I thought I could also join the fun on Black Day, so I cooked myself a plate of dried Maggie Mee with my secret recipe black sauce. Haha.

Happy Black Day!
Cheers coz you're still available =)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010 this is JPA interview.

Yay... I've come back from the jpa interview.

*Phew* Super duper relieved now. It was just like a heavy burden being lifted away from my chest.

The day before I was having thousands of butterflies in my tummy. I kept worrying about the discussion part because I seldom read newspapers =(

I tried to read a few karangans in order to brush up my malay language and to recap on the current issues but too bad, I was so lazy that I just roughly glance through.The only thing I'd prepared was the introduction part. And oh ya, I also prayed that everything will turn out smoothly.

In the morning, I was the first to wake up in my house. Perhaps I was too excited? =P I wore my office wear, which was a long sleeved blouse and skirt.

Yea I know, some of my friends suggested me to wear the baju kurung or baju kebaya, and I'd really thought of buying one. Alas, I'd decided not to wear like that, because I guess it doesn't really affect much. As long as you are properly dressed, I don't think that marks will be deducted for that. In fact, it's not a must. Idk, I was just wondering, why not I just wear sari or simply cheongsam in this case? Right?

And so My dad was smart enough to find the place. No GPS. I reached there in time, signed on the board and also the counter, and then I just sit down to chat with my schoolmates who also came today. FYI, I was taking the economy course. I found out that most of the students coming for interview today were actually going for engineering. There were also a few who chose bio-tech.

I should consider myself as lucky because I was the 2nd batch to go in so I didn't need to wait for long. My group comprises 5 members. 1 girl chose bio-tech, 1 boy chose tourism, and 2 more boys chose engineering.
As you can see here, the group is quite 'rojak' right? Anyhow, we all did chat a little before going into the interview room and thus it was not that boring.

Once the lady told us that we could enter the room, we all were super nervous but also, excited LOL. We held our chin high, marched into the room according to our number, and wished the interviewers good morning. Everyone of us looked smart and confident indeed.Oh ya, one more thing, it was really comfortable inside with the air-cond switched on. Love it. haha.

During the introduction session, we were required to conduct in BM. Since we all had prepared this at home, I really thought that 5 of us presented quite good.

There was a part when the head of the interviewer asked me about which country that I wanted to go.

Q: Negara mana negara pilihan anda?
A: Umm, UK.
Q: Tahukah anda tentang kos perbelanjaan untuk belajar di UK?
A: Ya, kalau tidak silap, beratus-ratus ribu.
Q: Eh, Satu Million Ahhh.. (making a funny expression as if he was the 1 who needs to pay for me)
A: Oh... itulah sebab saya berharap untuk mendapat biassiwa JPA. =)

And so everyone in the room

Nothing much for the first part. It was quite relaxing. In fact, we laughed for a few times when the interviewers used their sense of humor in the conversation.

After that, we proceeded to the 2nd session. We were given a few minutes to jot down our points on the topic given.Oh, in case you're interested, our topic was on "Visit Malaysia Year is a way to promote Malaysia to the world. How successful is the programme to attract world tourism?/Ways of improving it." Sorta. Basically, I think it was a bonus to us because it was not difficult to talk about. Later on, we had to discuss among ourselves and they just listened and observed what we were discussing. And yes they didn't allow us to speak whenever we wanted but rather, it was like this:

" ok, no.2 u may start first"
"fine, now no.1 u react to his speech"
"okok, no.5 now's ur turn"

... Some sort like that. I think it was a good way to prevent one from speaking too much or too little.

After that, I thought there will still be a 3rd session, but fortunately(or unfortunately, idk) they told us it was the end of the interview. All of us were like, HUH??? Serioulsy, I felt like I haven't really finished expressing myself but they just shoo me away. =( 

I personally felt that I did a good job today, maybe not better than the others, but ya, I'd tried my best and I was proud of myself. Although they kept nodding their heads without saying much and didn't shoot me till dead, I was not sure whether they were impressed by me or not.

This is what I think. I reckon there's only 2 possibilities.

1, they had made up their mind earlier to give me the scholarship. So they didn't want to ask much.
2, they had already decided NOT to give me. So they didn't want to waste their time.

I really think that it's not of how well you did during the interview, it's rather, how lucky you are.

AHHH, Lady Luck I need you!
Anyway, I am glad that I'd went for the interview. Getting the scholarship is another matter, well at least I had the memorable experience right? =)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Trouble with the List

It's April. My favourite month of the year had passed. =( Life has been awfully boring these days as I had nothing much to bother with. Except for the scholarship thingy of course.

Anyway I would like to talk about my thoughts on holding celebrations/parties. (yea yea I'm still in birthday mode =P)
Speaking of that, to me, one of the main reason of getting a severe headache is the Guest list.

You can't just simply invite anyone right? Yes all your bff/ji-muis/heng-dais will surely, automatically be shortlisted. But what about your 'normal friends'? What I mean is, friends that you used to get along well with them and even shared a few memories with them but still, not qualified yet to be in your very list.

Ok fine, let's say if your budget is high and it's still affordable for a few more guests to be added into your list, so which 'normal friend' will you pick?

For example, you wanted to invite A, but A is actually very close with your another normal friend, B. Logically, if you only invite A, then B will eventually find out that you didn't invite her. Oops, big red flag here! >.<

*congrats coz u're in a dilemma*

See what I mean? By the way, in the reality you might have more than one friend A and tons of friend B. Gosh I guess we all have to be mean sometimes, or else the guest list is gonna lengthen until our pockets bleed.

FYI She's the villain, Maleficent from sleeping beauty.

I reckon you'll know what I'm trying to say here if you know this story. You see, the reason why Princess Aurora was given the title of sleeping beauty, was actually all because of this childish witch (in fact, all villains in fairy tales are really damn childish). Just because the king and queen didn't invite her to the celebration party of their daughter's birth, she was so angry and cursed the baby princess, and then the story goes on.

=.= "What a babyish, pathetic witch.

She should reflect on herself first before doing anything bad. I mean, will she invite the king and queen to her wedding solemnization? (LOL who wants to marry her..) No right? So why can't she just be cool and admit that she's not close with the royal family? Tsk tsk.

Evidently, most of us have our own budget for throwing a party or simply just a celebration dinner. Even if you're rich enough to invite everyone, like the royal princess or the daughter of the president, I don't think that you would really want to invite EVERYONE.

I bet we all would rather upgrade the venue or food of the party instead of increasing the number of our guests. Plus, I really think that having a grand, luxurious party with guests including the ones you are not close with, doesn't make sense. It's like, providing an opportunity for your 'normal friends' to party around. (No offense)

Like what Amber Chia, Malaysia's top model did, she didn't actually invite a lot of her friends to her wedding ceremony in Bali. What I can see is, she had a romantic, simple and nice ceremony there which I adore much. Do you think that she's trying to save expenses? I guess not. The couple is just way too humble.

Anyway, she promised to treat her fellow friends who were not invited to the wedding after she comes back from her honeymoon trip. Yeah I truly like her way of doing this.

Shoot. I'm speaking like as if I'm going to get married soon. LOL. But hey, imagine only ma..hahaha

PS. I sincerely apologize to those who weren't invited to my party,
though I know you're not interested to go. =P
♥ Hope that you understand me just like I understand you.