Friday, April 02, 2010

Trouble with the List

It's April. My favourite month of the year had passed. =( Life has been awfully boring these days as I had nothing much to bother with. Except for the scholarship thingy of course.

Anyway I would like to talk about my thoughts on holding celebrations/parties. (yea yea I'm still in birthday mode =P)
Speaking of that, to me, one of the main reason of getting a severe headache is the Guest list.

You can't just simply invite anyone right? Yes all your bff/ji-muis/heng-dais will surely, automatically be shortlisted. But what about your 'normal friends'? What I mean is, friends that you used to get along well with them and even shared a few memories with them but still, not qualified yet to be in your very list.

Ok fine, let's say if your budget is high and it's still affordable for a few more guests to be added into your list, so which 'normal friend' will you pick?

For example, you wanted to invite A, but A is actually very close with your another normal friend, B. Logically, if you only invite A, then B will eventually find out that you didn't invite her. Oops, big red flag here! >.<

*congrats coz u're in a dilemma*

See what I mean? By the way, in the reality you might have more than one friend A and tons of friend B. Gosh I guess we all have to be mean sometimes, or else the guest list is gonna lengthen until our pockets bleed.

FYI She's the villain, Maleficent from sleeping beauty.

I reckon you'll know what I'm trying to say here if you know this story. You see, the reason why Princess Aurora was given the title of sleeping beauty, was actually all because of this childish witch (in fact, all villains in fairy tales are really damn childish). Just because the king and queen didn't invite her to the celebration party of their daughter's birth, she was so angry and cursed the baby princess, and then the story goes on.

=.= "What a babyish, pathetic witch.

She should reflect on herself first before doing anything bad. I mean, will she invite the king and queen to her wedding solemnization? (LOL who wants to marry her..) No right? So why can't she just be cool and admit that she's not close with the royal family? Tsk tsk.

Evidently, most of us have our own budget for throwing a party or simply just a celebration dinner. Even if you're rich enough to invite everyone, like the royal princess or the daughter of the president, I don't think that you would really want to invite EVERYONE.

I bet we all would rather upgrade the venue or food of the party instead of increasing the number of our guests. Plus, I really think that having a grand, luxurious party with guests including the ones you are not close with, doesn't make sense. It's like, providing an opportunity for your 'normal friends' to party around. (No offense)

Like what Amber Chia, Malaysia's top model did, she didn't actually invite a lot of her friends to her wedding ceremony in Bali. What I can see is, she had a romantic, simple and nice ceremony there which I adore much. Do you think that she's trying to save expenses? I guess not. The couple is just way too humble.

Anyway, she promised to treat her fellow friends who were not invited to the wedding after she comes back from her honeymoon trip. Yeah I truly like her way of doing this.

Shoot. I'm speaking like as if I'm going to get married soon. LOL. But hey, imagine only ma..hahaha

PS. I sincerely apologize to those who weren't invited to my party,
though I know you're not interested to go. =P
♥ Hope that you understand me just like I understand you.