Life is

"Life's all about big breakfasts, train rides and heels", says the tag line of my blog.

Everyone has their own definition of life. Some must have thought, life's surely more than just breakfasts, train rides and...what? heels? How shallow.

When I mention about big breakfast, note that it's not just a few pieces of toasts, sausages, baked beans and a sunny side up.

In my eyes, they have alternate meanings.

Big breakfasts: Good food

I was born and raised on this beautiful island called Penang which serves probably the best Malaysian food you can find in the country/world. My grandma and mother's culinary skill has always been good (maybe not the best for you but it's definitely world class to me). Growing up in a community that appreciates food so much, I blame my hometown and family for spoiling me. My taste buds had since become pretty sensitive and picky.

Basically, I enjoy food a lot. I can never say I am a morning person, but I am definitely a breakfast person (Oh the irony). One of my dad's ways of waking me up to join him for a Sunday morning jog is telling me that we're going straight for dim sum or Mc Donalds after that. Of course I knew it's a trap, but I would always jump up like a ninja and follow him (even just to stroll around the botanical garden, looking at boring plants and old folks practicing Tai-Chi).

I can instantly cheer up and forget about all the unhappy events after eating. It will always plaster a big smile on my face when I scoop up a big spoonful of oreo cheesecake, or strawberry cheesecake ice cream. One of my favourite read is the restaurant's menu.

Oh and I secretly set really high standards on all the food I taste, regardless of what and where I am dining. Except for one..

My own cooking.

Train rides: Traveling around the World

My family is not as rich as many of the people I know, but I am lucky to have parents who enjoy traveling (except during times when they ditch me and my sisters back at home and go for their annual honeymoon whatsoever).

When I was young (probably around 5 or 6), I would spend hours sitting on the floor, flipping through photo albums of my parent's trip to the USA, Australia etc. I never complain though I really reallyyyy envied them for taking photos in front of Chip and Dale's tree house. I remember vividly that I asked them in mandarin:"You are an adult. Why do you go to Disneyland?"

My first time going overseas was actually when I was merely one year old. hahaha. My grandparents brought me with them on aeroplane to visit my parents in Singapore. That's the time when Dad worked there. Apparently, my grandma said I didn't even squeak a noise in flight. I was such a good baby (must be really excited go on vacation). However, ever since I had my memory, I remember that it was Bangkok when I was in standard 3.

After that, I was addicted I think. Every year I would bug my dad where are we going during the end-of-year school holidays. Some years when we were lucky, we got to go to 'big' places like Gold Coast, Beijing, Perth etc. Other years (most of the time), we just gave in by compromising with neighbouring places like Singapore, Hatyai or...the typical cuti-cuti Malaysia like Genting and Cameron Highlands, over and over again. Which was not bad, still. I actually enjoy road trips!

Now that I've grown up, I try really hard to keep on going for vacations. My ultimate dream is to conquer the whole world, or at least as many countries as possible. It's a promise I gave to myself, that no matter how hard life would be in the future, I will always try to travel and leave my footprints there.

If only all countries in the world were connected by railways, I would be most delighted to travel around by train. I cannot explain how much I love train rides. I particularly enjoy listening to the reverberating "chuk chuk..chuk chuk.." noise; and also watching the scenery outside flash backwards as the train moves forward. It's just those little mundanes in life that I tend to see it as very sentimental and romantic. Watched too many Japanese movies I suppose.

Heels: Confidence, fashion and beauty

Like any typical girl, I love shopping for outfits, reading fashion blogs & magazines and of course, dolling up. It's just part of our nature.

But if you know me in person, you will notice one thing-I am always wearing high heels or shoes/sandals with platforms. Even my slippers have platforms. Insecure much? I cannot deny.

I am just a tiny bit less than 5 feet if you are wondering. Even though I am proud to be petite, I just somehow fail to hide my insecurities especially when I see my own reflection on the shop lot's windows. Sometimes I will be looking at myself, thinking, WOAH I am really that short.

Albeit that I am still a happy woman :)  Most of the times I don't really care because I believe that God is fair. He might have taken away my long legs but I still have an above average looking face (lol pardon me) and I'm always grateful for this. Born this way, yo!

Nevertheless, heels to me, symbolises a confident, classy woman with clear, vivid aims about what she wants in life and how is she going to work hard and pave towards that ideal future.


Of course, I can't really summarise life into just 3 things. But basically that's what my life revolves around and what you should expect from my blog posts.
Ok. End. Enjoy my blog!