Thursday, March 29, 2012

Muffin day

So finally I decided to bake for my friends before the end of term. Have been very lazy lately until being teased by Hana. She claimed that I've never bake for her before. heh

Was testing out poppy seed & apricot muffins and I think they taste super nice!! :)) Not too sweet this time



In the process.. Oohh I was so excited when I saw the muffins raising rapidly inside the oven.
Loving the way these little fellas 'breathe' :3

And tada! lovely muffins freshly out of the oven :) I know i'm making you hungry!

Initially, I wanted to give some to my classmates/close friends but I think I was too lazy to walk out of the house so I just gave all to my housemates and housemistress only. and of course, myself :D nom nom


'Mopeng' a bit heheh :P Time for some facial baby muffin haha

 Coincidentally or what I'm not sure.. The mixture today was unexpectedly being equally divided into 20 cups. No more or less, just 20 muffins only.

I was so happy because it's like making muffins for my own birthday tomorrow! Which wasn't under my plan actually.

And then I gave them out to all my housemates which makes me even happier :)
I love spreading love around <3

Happy Birthday to Myself *forever alone* haha

Hope tomorrow will always be a better day! Cheers to entering the 20th year of my life!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Afternoon tea with ze buddy

 Last Saturday, after the school's athletics event in the morning I went out with my friends to Pavilion.

A lot of them went to watch Hunger games since it's the premiere that day. And I was a bit tempted to watch Freakonomics since it's exclusively available in Mid Valley, 1 Utama & Pavilion only.

YES Freakonomics is out in Malaysia!! :D
I read the book and knew about its film version but never thought it would be screened in Malaysia. But then after seeing the trailer I doubt it will be worth watching in the cinemas. I mean, seriously? I don't want to pay and go in to watch something like a documentary even though I know it's interesting.

Would rather buy DVD and watch at home.

That afternoon was a relaxing one: I went to meet up with my bank scholar friend/interview mate/ all-time-favourite Facebook chat buddy, Nicholas! lol

He can sometimes be my free online Econs tuition teacher or peer counselor who gives advices and tips about guys' perception. More like my strategy adviser if you get what i mean haha
I think we hardly have problems like awkward silence or out of topic to talk about. There must be something for me to say anyhow. For instance, laughing at his failed diet plan. HAHA

Ordered this Macadamia Cheese Cake. I think he ate 70% of the whole thing -.-
and since I have to save some stomach space for buffet later in the evening.

Iced chocolate with ice cream blended inside.

Thank you for the treat and early birthday present!
Appreciate it very much :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

almost end-of-term before all the examsss

Finally got our house portrait already. 

We have this photo session annually and this is already my second time taking it. and also my last house photo :')
the formal version.
huhu I look like a gigantic fat house captain here :/ not the usual mini Grace.
*Must be angle problem!
but oh well, at least I look happy don't I? :)

and the crazy one. Haha not really clear here but we were all wearing paper mustaches  :{P
Alia love ♥


another lazy afternoon..
with tons of prep and revision waiting to be accomplished.


my lucky baby UCL.

I'm so grateful that they have finally made me an offer. I've always wanted a London Uni and I understand that it's pretty competitive to get in for Economics so no matter what I am going to make sure that I get in there this September.

Though conditional, I am confident that I can meet their grade requirement.
Unless I am so idiotic enough to not study and let it slip through my fingers.

One of the reason I updated my fb status about my offer from UCL was also because I wanted to give myself the pressure; to force myself to make it a reality. I don't want to let myself down, and so do you guys who liked my status.

so, let's gambateh together! :)

 my bathroom mate Hana always do funny things like this without failing to make me LOL

guess i should sleep now, so I will be less reluctant to get up from my bed tomorrow when she wakes me up for breakfast.

Good night, world.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

March march march

Oh yeah it's my favourite month of the year.

Trials are coming up next week and I'm so not prepared yet! especially history >.< My teacher was being sarcastic yet funny at the same time. She said she will just let us 'free fall' for trials first LOL. will help us do more revision after that.

oohh look at ze hair colour under flash. I just like to look at my hair colour and feel happy that it's not the dull and boring black.  Hard to explain, you know, the kind of feeling..."ooh my hair really got brown colour one lor" haha

I don't know why am I posting this stupid photo of my fugly fat carrot legs. 
A total ruin of my image hahahahah

I'm wearing Slim Walk's Compression Stockings bought from Japan every night. Hopefully it will really slim down my pair of fat legs :P ish I really envy people having long and sexy legs without any effort. SO NOT FAIR. boo.

Anyway, I just realized these days that happiness can be the simplest thing in our daily life.
For instance, having a good afternoon nap by snuggling into my comfy bed while it's raining like cats and dogs outside.

Or another simple example.. listening to your voice and feeling you near me. Simple, pure happiness :)