Sunday, November 13, 2011

Loon Sing for brunch

Ooh it's Sunday today :)
and my friends and I thought that having a sumptuous brunch to kickstart the brand new week would be a bliss.

Just like whenever I'm back in Penang, dad always bring us to to 'yum zhou cha' every weekend, or in other words, to have dim sum. Typical Cantonese I would say. but well, lots of Penangtie do that too actually. coz penang food is just too good enough to wake lazy people up for breakfast. hee :)

Instead of eating the boring dining hall food, 4 of us decided to take a cab out for Dim Sum and we've decided to go to the famous Loon Sing Restaurant in Nilai which is not far from KTJ.

If you do not know, Loon Sing is actually pretty well-known for its award winning 'Fat Tiu Chiong' or direct translation from mandarin: 'buddha jumps over the wall'. Lol. I have always thought the name of this dish is too funny :P

Back to our story.. Oh right, hmph...Unfortunately, they are not serving Dim Sum today!! Came all the way with so much expectation to eat their famous pau but ended up with much disappointment "sorry ah, today no dim sum wor.." wtf.  Oklo, it's also our fault since we didn't call in to confirm earlier.

FINE. No dim sum, eat other things then :)

Ordered their signature fried rice.
In my opinion, all fried rice are the same actually. If you're opting for something special then I wouldn't recommend this but overall it's really not bad.

Hazel and Hana.  

Ooh right, their prawns are fresh but too bad we ordered this Thai style prawn which we all think it's a bit...umm..weird. It's a no-no for the gravy. Perhaps we should have ordered something else instead.

Thizz izz DA BOMB. ♥♥ Dong Po Meat with mantou.
It's their award winning dish and a must-order in Loon Sing after their Fat Tiu Chiong. So glad that I got to taste it. It's just.....

DAMN GOOOOOOOOOOOD. For a moment when I was chewing the fats, I thought I've reached heaven or whatever nice place you believe.  No wonder it's award winning. So coming back for this :)

Me. Steph.  weeee yummy food.

We also ordered our all time favourite: xiong tong yin choy. lazy to translate.
Just some freaking yummy vege cooked with century eggs and soup. *Slurps*

And some fried noodles in fuzhou style. Quite nice actually. The noodles are good, QQ.


Yeah. So that's all we ordered. Not rich enough so cannot order fat tiu chiong, abalone or shark fins soup. lol. I will ask daddy to bring us here next time when they come down & fetch me. Oh hi dad! :P if you happen to read this (my dad's one of my loyal reader out there haha)

Our total food bill was reasonable, in fact quite worth it. 
There were actually quite a number of people coming here for lunch, and most of them ordered dong po meat too. Looking forward for the next time. and the next time, I will definitely check if they are gonna serve dim sum on that day first.


I know I know, such an irony isn't it?! I just talked sooo much about staying healthy in my last post and look at all the oily dishes I ate just now. >.<
Ok I give you guys the permission to laugh at me as much as you want. HAHA :P 
Fine la. I'm not taking dinner tonight okay? I'm gonna eat bread plus some fruits only okay? Tomorrow eat vegetarian food okay? OKAY :)

Finally, let's bombard you with a vain photo of me again, as usual..
Not quite nice this time, didn't make-up again. in fact look a bit like soh mui like that. lol.
but yea, whatever.. it's just to show you guys that I'm still alive and I'm happy all the time =))

Hee :) Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Stay healthy

Hellooo :3  

Blueberries dunked into yogurt. mmmm ♥ the goodness of healthy food :)

I sort of enjoy grocery shopping nowadays. Just bought some nice fruits and raisins back that day from cold storage. SO HAPPY :)
It makes me feel like a grown-up whenever I am shopping for nutritious healthy food, particularly. Unhealthy stuffs seldom get into my trolley and I have promised myself to not buy any instant noodles and potato chips kind of junk food anymore. Not trying to say that I'm such a health conscious freak but at least, I'm starting to take care of my health. 

I just realised that, I have already way passed 18 years old and if I keep on taking myself for granted by consuming anything I like and crave to eat without considering the side effects, I am actually on the track of committing suicide. You would say I'm still young and why should I even care but it's hard to say, we never know what will happen in the future. Prevention is better than cure isn't it? 

Well of course, you think I'm so 'guai' meh? lol. 

Life would be so pathetic without all these heavenly delicious shit.
Of course I still consume unhealthy food like fast food and the super oily hawker food. I'm a typical Penangtie that can't live without hawker. 

It's just that throughout my boarding life here, I try to reduce the amount of unhealthy food as much as possible. I try to consume more of fruits, veges and less of carbs and fried things.

And then there's this vow I've made with my friend, Steph that I would not consume anything after 9pm every night, except for healthy shitz like toasted oats, milk, fruits, plain crackers, raisins etc. I did broke the rule a few times, totally forgetting about it by eating cakes offered by my friends. Too much temptation and I swear I totally forgot about it until I took the 2nd bite. oops :P In spite of those 'accidents', on the whole I think I'm quite an obedient girl :)

But I'm still a lazy fella and I don't exercise regularly, which is bad. bad bad bad. That's why now I'm writing here to promise myself to work hard towards a healthy lifestyle. Besides my regular swimming every monday, I think there's a need for more swimming per week, and more joggings.
Okay? :D Just do it.

Okay, sleep earlier tonight and wake up early tomorrow for breakfast! Don't stay up too much and don't skip breakfast ♥♥

Friday, November 04, 2011

typical entertainment after exam

HELLO I'm back :) 
 Ok let's bombard you with a self-portrait of the day first :P

Ok. I don't think I'm genuinely smiling actually. lol.
I call this the cunning smile with lots of shrewd thinking on my mind  >:P

As usual I have not been updating for quite a while. Sorry guys I was trying to focus on my exam *coughs* lol. 
Anyway now that it's already over, I can finally spend some time blogging here :)

Heh. So how's everyone doing?  It's November already at the blink of eye. So fast isn't it...
Nothing much happening this few weeks, life's pretty dull actually. BLAME EXAM. urgh.

and after this re-sit paper it's not like I can rest already. My most important papers in the whole wide world *not exaggerating* ---Maths papers are coming in January. It's the most crucial chance for me to accumulate the marks I need and then confirm an A* for Maths. Yes, Let's do it!!! Let's don't resit anything in june! it's just too risky.  

Ohhh btw this reminds me that I can't go home for CNY next year :((((((  arghhhh can you imagine that? Maths exam on the 1st and 3rd day of CNY?! >.<  those angmohs are so not considerate. oh well, guess we'll all have to stay back and celebrate with our fellow batchmates. Hmm i thought i would only start to miss CNY when I fly over to UK but wth now I get to 'practice' before hand. *sobs*

I think my wallpaper is so pretty that it makes my laptop so feminine :3  ah this gives me good mood every day =)

Whilst trying to catch up with A2 stuffs there's always time for me to have some entertainment :D All work and no play makes Gracey a dull girl. yessss I've come out with a To-Watch list for the month.

1) You are the apple of my Eye. 那些年,我们一起追的女孩

Weeee bought tickets already I'm watching this Sunday :) So freaking in love with the whole story since I watched the trailer. which tempted me to go and read the book and after finishing it I was like...

The movie theme song is so catchy as well. I've been influencing people around me by singing everyday :P oh yea, and of course 柯振东 is da bomb! that 20-years-old hot dude! all of us were like, huhhhh 20 only so near to our age :DD lol girls girls.

2) Paradise Kiss (Movie!!)

Paradise Kiss, I thought it was one of the most beautiful anime after Honey and Clover. Love their theme song 'Lonely in Gorgeous' so much! and it's still my all time favourite ♥

I was so so so excited when I first saw the movie trailer earlier this year! And the excitement was elevated even more when I see Osamu Mukai starring as George! I've fallen in love with him ever since he acted in 'Atashinchi no danshi' and Honey&clover the drama.  Found it at and yes!! can finally watch now! :)

3) Scent of a Woman 

This korean drama rocks! recommended by hana, I am so into it now and trying to finish it as soon as possible! Okay Lee Dong Woo is actually quite hot in the drama we all scream like shit whenever there are scenes of him showering. *blushes* but oh well, I think I'm more in love with Uhm Ki Joon, the smart & cute doctor in it (the 1st guy from left)  yea i prefer him ♥ and of course, theme songs always make a huge impact. It's Xiah/ Junsu singing and he even appears in one episode :)

4) ...........erm, it's pointless to keep on going. coz the list is never ending haha!

There are actually a lot more. But I don't have time for everything la. I want to watch 犀利人妻 also, it was so hit but I never watch before leh. quite outdated :/  and oh, I realised that I still love Asian movies and drama more :D Especially Japanese one. I just finished watching one actually (lol).. 

Watched/ Recommended: 
'I give my first love to you'   ------ touching story. though there are not much ups and down in the movie, in fact quite a typical Japanese sad romance, it's still so beautiful!
I cried at the end of the movie :(  oh you can watch on youtube!

Sigh, if only I have more free time....sigh sigh sigh.

Toodles :)