Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Stay healthy

Hellooo :3  

Blueberries dunked into yogurt. mmmm ♥ the goodness of healthy food :)

I sort of enjoy grocery shopping nowadays. Just bought some nice fruits and raisins back that day from cold storage. SO HAPPY :)
It makes me feel like a grown-up whenever I am shopping for nutritious healthy food, particularly. Unhealthy stuffs seldom get into my trolley and I have promised myself to not buy any instant noodles and potato chips kind of junk food anymore. Not trying to say that I'm such a health conscious freak but at least, I'm starting to take care of my health. 

I just realised that, I have already way passed 18 years old and if I keep on taking myself for granted by consuming anything I like and crave to eat without considering the side effects, I am actually on the track of committing suicide. You would say I'm still young and why should I even care but it's hard to say, we never know what will happen in the future. Prevention is better than cure isn't it? 

Well of course, you think I'm so 'guai' meh? lol. 

Life would be so pathetic without all these heavenly delicious shit.
Of course I still consume unhealthy food like fast food and the super oily hawker food. I'm a typical Penangtie that can't live without hawker. 

It's just that throughout my boarding life here, I try to reduce the amount of unhealthy food as much as possible. I try to consume more of fruits, veges and less of carbs and fried things.

And then there's this vow I've made with my friend, Steph that I would not consume anything after 9pm every night, except for healthy shitz like toasted oats, milk, fruits, plain crackers, raisins etc. I did broke the rule a few times, totally forgetting about it by eating cakes offered by my friends. Too much temptation and I swear I totally forgot about it until I took the 2nd bite. oops :P In spite of those 'accidents', on the whole I think I'm quite an obedient girl :)

But I'm still a lazy fella and I don't exercise regularly, which is bad. bad bad bad. That's why now I'm writing here to promise myself to work hard towards a healthy lifestyle. Besides my regular swimming every monday, I think there's a need for more swimming per week, and more joggings.
Okay? :D Just do it.

Okay, sleep earlier tonight and wake up early tomorrow for breakfast! Don't stay up too much and don't skip breakfast ♥♥