Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bank Negara Malaysia Scholars' Day 2010

Yay people! It's EXEAT! But sadly, I'm not going anywhere.  Gotta stay back in this quiet KTJ as most of the students had gone home. I chose to stay back because I'm sure that if I go to Cheras(uncle's house), I'll surely go to the malls, eat, play and NOT STUDYING.
So yea, this 4-days exeat is the best time for me to do lots of prep and finish my assignments.

Anyway, I'm SOOOOOOO HAPPY because our dearest bank negara had already bank in my allowances into my account. WEEEEEE!! I'm RICH!!! I'm RICH!!!

^_________^  ok lah. This post is supposed be talking about scholars' day 2010.

On the 17th of August, there was this scholars' day event happening at Lanai Kijang, Kuala Lumpur.
(Fyi, Lanai Kijang is some sort of a hotel/apartment/club house/recreational facilities centre owned by bank negara.)

All bnm scholars (including seniors) and officers of the bank were invited to attend this event. It's somehow like a speech day/gala dinner, as its main purpose is to award those who have excelled in their A-levels this year and are going to fly overseas to pursue their 1st degree.

It's also like some kind of encouragement for juniors like us(lol) who just have joined the big family lately, to work harder and achieve good results like our seniors in the future.

See! It's Lanai Kijang!

As it was a school day, bank scholars from KTJ were sent there by our college's own air-cond bus.
It took almost an hour for us to reach KL from Mantin. 

We all had fun chatting around during the journey though :D 

The stage where VIPs delivered their speeches.. And also for the award giving session after that.

 My friends from INTEC.

Met a lot of people there especially my dearest interview group's members. We were all now being sent to different colleges: Taylors, INTEC, KYUEM and KTJ of course. 

There was even the chief director of the internal audit department sitting with us in the same table. They arranged this on purpose. Haha.. So that we can get to know more about the bank..and not just chatting around. LOL.

Look! Lanai Kijang's own mineral water :)


(hey, that's only like, 1/10 of the overall buffet spread?!)

Everything there is very posh. I dare to say it's like a 5 star hotel.

Sorry, I didn't snap a lot of good photos as there were too many people starring at me.
I mean, yea main identity on that day is a Scholar, NOT a blogger.

Plus, the buffet was so sumptuous and tempting. I just couldn't stop grabbing foooooood.
Hee. I had satays, BBQ prawns, lamb, pohpiah, ice kacang w/ ice cream topping.....etc.  muahahhaha :P

Introducing the current Bank Scholars from KTJ!!!! *drumrolls*

A mix of U6 and L6.

I told you before bank negara is very generous.

There's no way that such a grand event don't have DOOR GIFTS  =)

Is it a PEN....??


2.1 G (not bad already lah.)


wee :)

Seriously, I was really inspired by all our seniors who had excelled in their A-levels.
There were seniors who actually got 4 A* !!

Man, I'm really gonna work hard, as in REALLY HARD. 
I want to go to the UK's top 5! (sry, ignore me =.=)

Hee. Okay la. I'm going to enjoymake use of my precious exeat to the fullest.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Reporting from KTJ


Yes, it's me blogging again. Peace :) after.. almost 2 weeks of hibernating. *oopsy*

Sorry guys, have been quite busy lately.
Not really THAT busy of course..but still, I need time to settle down, as in, adapting myself to the new environment and the lifestyle here. And And And! most importantly, I have to switch on my long rusted engine (brain) or else I'll die. DIE. Seriously.

Anyway, for this post I'll just make it as simple as can be. I'll write more about my life next time.

Check out the heavenly house ever that I'm currently staying in- ALIA!!

Alia house is a new house, just opened this year. It's a 3 storey building, where 1st and 2nd floor comprises rooms of every Alians. Each of us live in a room and share the facilities together.
There are single bed rooms and double bed rooms. Which means some need to share while some don't need to.

Guess what, I'm so lucky that I got a double bed room, but I'm staying alone.
No roomates yet until next term.

So yea, at the moment, I'm enjoying a huge room alone ;)

The first thing you'll see after opening my door...


A big smile on face everyday =)))

Our luxurious bathroom.
(Shared between me and my toilet-mate, Chloe, who lives next door :D) 

2 sinks. wide mirrors.

My Red Box in Alia :)

My door sign.
       Room 107. 

*fyi, 11.30pm is lights-off time for L6, which literally means that I need to sleep at that time. And there will be house prefects or teacher-in-charge to check whether you've already switch off your lights or not, and then they'll greet you Good Night :)

My study desk. Love it.

Every night I'll be sitting here during prep time, either doing homework or reading.
Even though I have my laptop with me, damn I can't access to facebook.
(using school's wifi)

It's a common problem between all mac book white, can't explain why.
IP address problem? Proxy settings? I tak tahu.

Anyway, It's a GOOD THING! isn't it?
so that I can concentrate more :P

well, I can always go to facebook in the study centre or 6th form centre actually.
Or even using friends' laptop. So, no problem. 

We can't sleep or  visit other ppl's room during prep, as our housemistress or house tutor will come in to check on you! Ha! Spot Check! xD

When I peek out of my window...

I have a big mirror here in my room!

As you can see, my room has an air-conditioner.
Luckily  x10000000000..Infinity.

Corridor outside Alia house, which leads you to the school. Distance between the school area and house is only at walking distance. It's so near that whenever I have free periods between, I'll come back to my room to rest. I can even take a nap if I want to, before going to my next class. =)

Btw, spot my room! The 1st window from the right. Located at the 1st floor.

Follow the corridors and you'll reach school.

Study centre of Alia house, at the ground floor.
There're also a few computers and colour printers here.
Free to use for all Alians! 

The pantry. 
The place where we can make some simple dishes here if we want to. There's 2 refrigerators where you can put your stuffs here. I usually come here to make a mug of Milo before I sleep.

Recreation room/common room of Alia house.

There's TV, dvd player, piano, foosball table, boxing bag, yoga mats, skipping ropes etc.
We usually have house meetings/roll calls here. Just come down and you can enjoy the facilities.

One cute fact about KTJ. There're a lot of squirrels here!  Spot that fluffy fella!

Some random shots of scenery in KTJ:

Hmm..okay. That's it for this time. More photos on next post.
I haven't show you all the 6th form centre, swimming pool, gyms, sport facilities etc. LOL.

Basically, KTJ is quite awesome. The environment is really good, and the food here too!
Oh my, speaking of food, I can write you another long post. *slurp*

Superb food as in buffet style everyday, from breakfast to dinner; from Asian to Western.You just won't get hungry. The most important fact is that I DON'T NEED to think of money problems when I'm having meals.

 In fact, I rarely use money in KTJ. Everything is paid already by bank negara. I just need to go to the dining hall and GRAB as many food as I can finish. Lmao!

Oh ya, we have housekeeping and laundry service everyday! How cool is that!
A princess life I dare to say. Neither mopping the floor nor washing my uniforms are done by me. They even iron my uniforms before returning. Muahahaha

It's just that I'm so curious with the washing machine(my new toy.wth), so I always do part of my laundry myself in the laundry room. Haha! Washing and drying cloths is FUN! Yea, that's one of my entertainment in KTJ :)

Okay la. Gotta sign off now, homework time!! (AHHHHHH)

I'm having fun and stress at the same time.
I suppose that's great :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Countdown: 2 days left

2 days left in my hometown, Penang. (well I'll be back. very soon in fact =P)
but what I want to say is, time flies.. like a rocket!!

I could still remember a countdown in fb with my collegemates: 6 weeks to go!!!!!!
Later: 3 weeks to go!!!
The last countdown was: 2 weeks more!!

NOW, 2 DAYS only.

And I wonder what kind of feeling should I have at this moment..Hmmm
It's all mixed up now. I just hope that I'm leaving without any special feelings. That would be easier.

Camwhoring in my bedroom. 

The next time I put up a self vain-ing photo, it could be at somewhere else.
Oh I'll miss my mirrors in my room for sure, which I can see my front & back, my whole body..wth

I wish there's a GIGANTIC/HUMONGOUS/ENORMOUS/BIGGIE.. mirror in my boarding house.
(what's kind of wish is that? tsk tsk. typical young ladies what )

Ok that's all for today. Time to finish up my luggage packing. 
Gosh I really feel like bringing my entire room there!

and ahh.. this is specially dedicated to my dearest friends:

Earthquakes can't shake us.
Cyclones can't break us.
Hurricanes can't take away our love. ♡

I'll always love you all.

Favourite hit on my playlist lately. *Charice is just soooo amazing!*
Enjoy and stay tuned for my packing post. =)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'm Ready!

It's August. Gosh, it's like, FINALLY!

Summer break is going to end soon..which means, school's gonna start!
(and I'm actually welcoming Autumn in M'sia =.=)
Seriously, I've been looking forward to THE DAY since the Jurassic era. Can't wait anymore.

And whenever I go surfing the news feed on fb, I always see my collegemates-to-be writing about their excitements on going to KTJ soon. We are all super ready to start a new chapter of life. I mean..duh, after waiting for ages, who wouldn't be? Especially people like us, the last batch of the scholars to start college. The other scholars that were sent to Taylors, INTEC, KYUEM already started liao lo..Left us..Boohoohoo  :(

Well, it's okay. 

At least they don't get to wear pretty cool uniforms like us.. HAHAHA

My blazer/coat was done! Neat right?
Feel like being a prefect again. Hahaha.

Was once a pcghs prefect. (with my two dear WENs. xD )

btw you know what, my uniforms (inculding sport attire & blazer) costs up to RM1k.  *Gulps*
and that's only what I wear, not to mention my tuition fees, boarding costs etc. Arigato Gozaimasu bnm.
*Bows 90 degrees*

I really do know how to spell the word: L-U-C-K-Y.

Like in Harry Potter (wth LOL), we would be sorted into different houses.
And I am in the Alia house, which is a new house that was just opened this year.
Since it's new, everything's new! Building's new, furniture's new! YESHHH!

Lucky Lucky Lucky.

why, I look like a school girl that never grow up. Nvm, looking young isn't a bad thing afterall.
You'll envy me years later. We'll see. Ha! =P