Saturday, September 17, 2011

I just love all these shitz


Currently so addicted to CN BLUE's 'Love Girl'. The song's just so cute and catchy that I can't resist playing it over and over again. L.O.V.E Love~~

haha it's like my prep time music now.

Hmm haven't been updating for a week. As busy as usual, I can now see myself in the future as a workaholic. I'd really love to rest but whenever I start to rest and do nothing, something will just pop up in my life and tada, I've got myself another task. It's never ending. I can never have my own sweet time doing nothing for long. There's always something to be done that finds me in life. Or vice versa. Either way.

And when I say work I mean things like Extra Curriculum Activities, not studies. But wait, I don't neglect my studies okay? In fact, I sort of enjoy revising for exam. lol.
If you know me well, it's obvious that I am not those kind of people that like to nerd in their rooms. Since long ago, I am already actively involved in lots of fun ECAs. I really enjoy myself, especially when you get to lead people. But hey, don't misinterpret, I am NOT a dictator and I don't fancy power. I am neither Hitler or Kim Jong Il, thank you. C'mon la, I'm like the sweetest boss ever :P

I am just naturally passionate in working with people. However, I don't really like following people even though I can be a very successful follower. I am a control freak, i would say. I hate it when my ideas and plans got rejected just because I don't get the say in the board. Doesn't it suck when you know that you can actually do better but you just have to give face to the boss? It sucks even more when it's YOUR IDEA and it becomes his/her credit. F*cking frustrating. 

I am usually confident at my own ability and I know that I can achieve certain things I want in life. That's why I can proudly say I've achieved quite a number of things in KTJ. However, once I am given the post and power, I kind of chicken out. It's just ironic that I used to crave for leading the whole team but once I get to do that it does not taste as nice as expected.

It's not an easy job, seriously. You get more pressure because you have more responsibility to shoulder. And then I start to think why was I so ambitious and now I get myself more and more 'ma fan'.  I could just live a simple and happy life but WHY? Why do I have to do all these when everyone else just eat and sleep. I know why. It comes to a conclusion, a simple word: Passion.

I love doing all these even it's tiring. I know that next time in my career life, I will definitely do the same. Haha can you imagine me working in the bank next time? I bet I will be like a crazy woman working OT until late night and keep on grabbing the opportunity to be promoted. Realistic much? Oh well, you can judge me anyway you like but I really love all these shit. Not the power but the satisfaction of gaining something in your life. <3

Friday, September 09, 2011

Baby hammie :)

My favourite cartoon character last time( well, even until now) was 

Little hamsters, big adventures!  ♡ :3

I even know how to sing the theme song! yayayayaya~Ask me to sing to you next time if you see me. 
Hehe :)

Haha. Probably because I am small sized too! haha Brave enough for adventures & challenges! yay ;P


Awww. Hamtaro's the cutest among all.. even cuter than Bijou and Penelope. Heh :)

I had a few hamsters before long time ago when I was younger.. but I never really take good care of them :/ 

Now we have another baby in the family. He's just (oh wait wrong, it's a SHE. lol.)  She's just too adorable! Apart from the overdosed cuteness, hammie is also very intelligent ( according to me) she actually understands us. She listens to me :D

  Baby hammie jogs everyday... must get rid of those FAT!!!  Don't be like me >.< haha

 Despite those hyperactive times, baby also has her down moments T______T  awww.

And of course, the blur face! :3  My gosh, it's so hard to take picture for's even worse than taking a kid's photo. -.- keep running here running there...hiding here hiding there...arghhh.

and of course, she loves FOOD. yumzz.

I can really spend time talking to her. Imagine that haha! It may sound weird but really, she's a good listener I swear. At least she don't talk much.. but still give me the cute supportive look :3

Aww. I kind of miss her now. sobs.
I hope she's having fun and good food at home? Jie Jie is stressed here.. :(

Monday, September 05, 2011

50% discounted dinner again :)

 Dad has signed up as Paradise hotel's club member again, and so...we got tons of complimentary coupons to use! weeee :3

Went to their Gaya restaurant to enjoy the goodness of food. All 50% off whcih means a dish of RM20 will become 10 bucks only. Better than eating a red bean paste mooncake right? Haha!
Ahh..good food with cheap price, I like!

Smoked Salmon Salad as starter. WTFish this is da bomb! yumzz the salmon was so juicy. lol. I dunno how to describe :P

Aglio Olio Linguini with lots of succulent prawns. First time trying this style. hmm I still think Cabonara tastes way better. I love creamy stuff :3

F.A.M.I.L.Y= Father And Mother I Love You
heh :) quote from I'm not stupid 2.

My 2 younger sisters. Don't be fooled by their angel-like faces. They told me that they worked at Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated..

LOL. watched too much phineas and ferb.

Drink of the day: sky juice. The cheapest and tastiest thing on earth. Simply delicious. No other drinks can beat it :D    I mean seriously, it's not like I am stingy or what but cold water's really refreshing enough!

oh. I'm now back in KTJ already. Stress is clustering around me but my positivity shall counterbalance it. YES. I'm damn semangat now! Wish me luck :D

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Snow skin mooncake ❤

It's the 8th month of the lunar calendar :) Which means the Mid-Autumn Festival's coming~

I'm not really a big fan of mooncakes, but as long as it's food, I can never miss it.

However, this year's mooncake price has shot up too high, with price rising by an average of 15%. The cheapest you can find is the simple red bean paste w/out egg yolk which also costs about 10 bucks. They said it's due to the rise in price of raw materials. Crap. Yala we all understand that lotus seed paste is very expensive but still...I think most of the cost goes to the packaging..which is unnecessary -.- 

What we care is the content, not the cover. I mean, you pay so much just for the pretty box? 
RM16 for a piece of cake. Hmmm. Think again. I would rather go to secret recipe and eat cheese cake.

but how wor it's mooncake festival of course you want mooncakes! So, we tried to make our own instead. Haha. It's fun anyway!

The paste. green tea flavour :)

Cut cut~

We even made red bean and lotus seed paste ;) Yummy! I love snow skin a lot~~ <3