Sunday, September 04, 2011

Snow skin mooncake ❤

It's the 8th month of the lunar calendar :) Which means the Mid-Autumn Festival's coming~

I'm not really a big fan of mooncakes, but as long as it's food, I can never miss it.

However, this year's mooncake price has shot up too high, with price rising by an average of 15%. The cheapest you can find is the simple red bean paste w/out egg yolk which also costs about 10 bucks. They said it's due to the rise in price of raw materials. Crap. Yala we all understand that lotus seed paste is very expensive but still...I think most of the cost goes to the packaging..which is unnecessary -.- 

What we care is the content, not the cover. I mean, you pay so much just for the pretty box? 
RM16 for a piece of cake. Hmmm. Think again. I would rather go to secret recipe and eat cheese cake.

but how wor it's mooncake festival of course you want mooncakes! So, we tried to make our own instead. Haha. It's fun anyway!

The paste. green tea flavour :)

Cut cut~

We even made red bean and lotus seed paste ;) Yummy! I love snow skin a lot~~ <3