Friday, September 09, 2011

Baby hammie :)

My favourite cartoon character last time( well, even until now) was 

Little hamsters, big adventures!  ♡ :3

I even know how to sing the theme song! yayayayaya~Ask me to sing to you next time if you see me. 
Hehe :)

Haha. Probably because I am small sized too! haha Brave enough for adventures & challenges! yay ;P


Awww. Hamtaro's the cutest among all.. even cuter than Bijou and Penelope. Heh :)

I had a few hamsters before long time ago when I was younger.. but I never really take good care of them :/ 

Now we have another baby in the family. He's just (oh wait wrong, it's a SHE. lol.)  She's just too adorable! Apart from the overdosed cuteness, hammie is also very intelligent ( according to me) she actually understands us. She listens to me :D

  Baby hammie jogs everyday... must get rid of those FAT!!!  Don't be like me >.< haha

 Despite those hyperactive times, baby also has her down moments T______T  awww.

And of course, the blur face! :3  My gosh, it's so hard to take picture for's even worse than taking a kid's photo. -.- keep running here running there...hiding here hiding there...arghhh.

and of course, she loves FOOD. yumzz.

I can really spend time talking to her. Imagine that haha! It may sound weird but really, she's a good listener I swear. At least she don't talk much.. but still give me the cute supportive look :3

Aww. I kind of miss her now. sobs.
I hope she's having fun and good food at home? Jie Jie is stressed here.. :(