Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Tea Terrace, Guildford

We had been planning long ago to go for an afternoon high tea session. The last time we went shopping at House of Fraser, Guildford, Ika and me discovered this cute English tea house situated on the building's rooftop.


What intrigued us most was obviously, its beautiful, cosy interior tinged with a little rather posh ambiance. They have got a lot of colourful well-cushioned chairs, pastel colours painted wall with framed paintings and quotes on it. There are even some comfy sofas provided, which is perfect after a long day of shopping. (House of Fraser just downstairs)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Curry Rice

Finally woke up before 9am today and I am pretty proud of myself for not snoozing the alarms one after one like I used to do for the past few days.

I find that whenever I say something it'll always get jinxed. Like for instance, I just mentioned in my previous post that the weather here had been quite warm at this time of Winter and suddenly there has been a drastic temperature drop.

Apparently everywhere across the country will be blanketed with either sleet or snow this weekend, according to the weather forecast. There will be no more luxury of having 6-10 degrees during the day. The negatives are hitting in again soon.

Headed to the student union this morning in hope to stock up some bubble milk tea but sadly the stall wasn't set up today! You won't understand my pain here because it's not that easy to find bubble milk tea outside London (whereas you can even have Chatime there!) so when I first found out that there will be a pop up stall outside my uni's student union every Thursday, I was so so so excited.

Anyway since I came out already I thought of getting some fresh vegetables and fruits from the union market. Stocked up a little and decided to cook myself a good dinner. I just have to feed my demanding stomach well.

Dinner tonight わ カレー ライス! (Japanese Style Curry Rice)

I thought I cooked quite a small portion but it seems enough for tomorrow's breakfast too! Yummy :)

The texture is almost the same as my mother's home-cooked Kurma Ayam but this is the Japanese version heh. A bit sweeter and less spicy I would say.

Other than that I've been progressing well i guess for my papers next week, keep it up Grace!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


It's already way past midnight but I'm still wide awake here, thanks to the revision week where most people's biological clock has gone totally upside down. I tried to sleep earlier so that I can wake up and study more under the sunlight but still to no avail. Just couldn't stop tossing here and there last night until almost 4am i think.

And in this darn Winter, though not very cold (sometimes even warmer than in Autumn) I find myself constantly feeling hungry. Seriously why is my digestive system/ metabolism so efficient? and not me myself who in fact, should be?!  When my stomach started growling again (so loud that it broke the silence in my room when i was trying to revise), I just couldn't help not questioning myself what did i fed myself just now and was it because the amount was too little?

Sometimes I believe that I should put all the blame on this cold season but sometimes I thought it might be my PMS as well. This isn't good. At this crucial time when I should be concentrating fully on my revision for the upcoming end-of-semester exams, can't just my stomach be a little considerate and not be fussy about what I feed it? It's so annoying because I would suddenly google recipes of Malaysian food. I was so desperate I really wanted to make Penang curry mee the other day, just that I don't know where to get my favourite tau-poks (tofu puffs?).

Was preparing some roasted ham sandwich just now to cure my bizarre midnight hunger pang and then suddenly my Cypriot housemate came in to make something as well. Had a good chat with him and realised that I'm not the only person suffering. He sleeps at 6am and wakes up at 4 something in the afternoon, which is when it's getting dark already LOL like a vampire!

Ah well we'll worry about that later I'll just eat more rice in the mean time i guess. I just hope I can have a productive week and may I excel in both modules next week.

I'll probably blog something in between those study breaks? (not like I'm gonna study non-stop the whole day) and update more often after exams for sure.

Oh before I forget, happy new year people!
P.S I owe you a lengthy blogpost about my 2012 review/ 2013 resolutions :)