Friday, January 11, 2013

It's Friday

Nothing much as you can see, my life is pretty boring these few days. They were well spent though, by staying indoors, taking my own sweet time, injecting tons of knowledge and information into my little brain. Uhhh.


These are my follow-ur-heart-and-throw-in-whatever-you-like recipes. As long as you have the 3 magic sauces with you: Dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and oyster sauce, nothing will go wrong I promise.

Simple dishes of the night:
Soy sauce pork with mushrooms; Stir fried mix seafood.

No vegetables so I had to garnish with some spring onion haha. Oh well actually if you count mushrooms as a kind of vegetable then, heh :)

And I got hooked on this Danone's strawberry yogurt ever since I first tried one from Nicholas's fridge. Every now and then when I go to his house I'll be like "eh got yogurt or not?".

Mad love it. It's like drug now to me T____T

Sigh. I don't really wish to end up updating everyday about what I have for dinner and what have I been studying..I know it'll eventually look boring. But I guess it's better to form a habit of updating frequently rather than prevaricating every single time and leaving the poor blog to stagnate for ages.
*looks away*

Cheers to a good weekend ahead!