Saturday, October 23, 2010

So you think you love Cheese??


I just can't stay calm when I hear this word.
oh-my-cheese. Why are you so delicious huh?

Seriously, cheese is no doubt the most tempting food in the world after chocolates. Ha. It's always driving me crazy.

And recently, I was so amused when I saw this accidentally on the net...

Yep Yep Yep!  6 types of cheeses blend together into one superb pizza.
There are..Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Provolone, Romano and Monterey Jack! Woohoo! Take that!

Now I dare you to say that you're not tempted. lol.

So yea, as usual, I failed to resist my desire again. I was just so excited about this new heavenly nice food in town. Don't you feel the same? :)
Without a second thought, I invited my dear friends to try out the extreme cheesy 6 pizza in a nearby Pizza Hut. I just can't wait to bite that cheesy thing! hehe.

Appetizers: Soup of the day and Garlic breadstix! A MUST-order whenever I dine in Pizza hut.
Slurp Slurp! 

Or you can order Honey BBQ wings! High ratings for this too  :) Love it.

But wait wait, don't be too excited first, the best thing is yet to come...

Ladies and gentlemen, boys, girls and cutie mice..
*Drum rolls* 

Pizza Hut's
Extreme Cheesy 6 pizza

(w/ Hawaiian Chicken toppings)

OOOOO...Look at those melted cheeses!

I just couldn't stop staring at it when the waiter first served it to us.
Awww..Cheeseeeeee :p

Even my friends couldn't control themselves... Hehe

High Cheese elasticity. hahahahaha..

mmmm...Sedapnya..... :)

We just love cheese products so much, don't we? So when there are so many types of cheeses in just one pizza, I would do anything even just for one bite. =)

Oh yeah, I'm so satisfied with this extreme cheesy 6 pizza. It was a total bliss to all my taste buds. The super duper cheesy taste and the classic taste of pizza crust just make it a perfect masterpiece. Well done Pizza Hut, you've made me fall in love with your pizza! :) 

So guys, whatcha waiting for?? Drop by the nearest Pizza Hut tonight to pamper yourself with the best pizza under one roof. Yayyy!

So you think you love cheese? 

Well, me? :)

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Evidence of NOT focusing

Yay people, it's weekend again! :)

Another hectic week had past and it's now time for me to recharge myself.

Bought 8 brilliant brightening masks recently. ♥ this brand from Taiwan =D Yay! (My skin's so happy)
Seriously, I really have to do something. My skin suck at the moment. T____T sobs.

Get Well Soon, my dear skin!

Black Pearl! Sake Yeast! Birds' Nest! Red Wine! etc etc.
Omeegoshh they sound Yummeeeey!!
( err... that's for the face )

People nowadays are just so creative. They actually come out with these cool products. And thus our skin got pampered sooo much.. Tsk Tsk. Appreciate it lah my dear skin, I spent so much to feed you with good food so please be a good girl okay? I demand you to stay healthy and pretty!! haha

oh yea, I got love notes ♥ =)
Thank you so so so so much! xoxo

( lol it said that I'm oh-so-cute. HAHAHAHA )

Friday night:

Start: Prep time! yay I love studying!  *switched on study lamp, opened book with enthusiasm*

However, after some time....: ZzZz *stared at the clock* 
                                              Err, how much time left until prep time finish huh? 

Lil Alien had lost her sanity after studying for a long time (long??!! are you sure? =.= tsk tsk).

So, yea. Apparently, I screwed up my second prep time by camwhoring, eating snacks, surfing the net..or to make it short, PLAYING. (Oopsyy. Shhh!)

I reckon that it's normal for not focusing 100% during prep time. You know, when there's no mood to study, it's really hard to concentrate, right?
For me, it's best to study really really hard until the fullest when your 'study mood' is there. Coz you never know when the mood will come back again.

Okay I guess that's it for today..just a short update anyway.
It's saturday night and I'm going out for shopping! =) Wee! *jumps up and down*
(well, not malls like the gardens or pavilion..haha we just want to get some groceries)

So, yea.
Have a great weekend people! 
♡ you all :) 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 101010-10!

It was the 10/10/10 on the past Sunday.
What a date.

Some enthusiastic people even posted on their status about it:
"10:10:10 10/10/10 ♥ "   "oh no..I missed 101010..." 

err. So? 
What's so special about that so-called 'perfect' day?
We just had 777 888 999..and will be having 111111 121212 right?
Frankly, to me, it was just another childish, lame thought. Celebrate for what? zzz.

Okay, I am a lil pissed and I know.
You know why?  coz my 101010 was merely a shit.

101010- wasted spent my day at the airport.

my flight was
delayed for 10 hours.  
WHAT IS THIS?!   another 10?!!

Well, i'm chilling. I'm not mad. I accept the fact and I face the reality.

It's undeniable that this is a very common phenomenon. I mean, what do you expect? It's your choice to go on a budget flight after all. You can't expect too much from them. As long as I can reach my destination safely, I am already thankful.

I find this poster so cute. don't you think so? :)

"even with this face.." LOL.

Initially, my plane was supposed to take off at 3pm. We had already boarded and fastened our seat belts. However, out of a sudden they announced that our plane had some technical problems and asked us to return to the departure hall. (phew, at least they found out the problem before flying)

Imagine the feeling I got when I first heard about the announcement from the counter: flight delayed until 11.30 pm.
Blank. Totally speechless I tell you.

Luckily I am not in a hurry, or else I would have gone mad. Think about those with connecting flights, how were they supposed to react??!

They gave me this card so that I can re-board later.

After knowing the super extreme delay, we( 4 KTJians of the same flight) decided to go home first and come back later at night. wth we waited from day until night. What a memorable experience. Tsk Tsk.

The worst thing is they delayed again but they didn't dare to announce through the counter. Smart people. haha. When our plane actually took off, my watch told me that it was almost 1am

And they said :" Good Morning ladies and gentlemen..SORRY for...."  
Yea, you better be sorry..  

and I'm still waiting for the compensation.  =.=

Plus, I was actually still coughing on that day.  The flight delay had indirectly weakened me more and thus I had to visit the health centre of ktj for medication.

So, yea. I hate 101010 coz I wasted 10 hours.
However, I'm sure that I will still fly in the red planes again in spite of their stupid flight delays.
but this time, they should really change their slogan to:

Now everyone can fly..with delays. 


Friday, October 01, 2010

Another random post before going home

Helloo people! 

It's me blogging again :)

I'm so sorry for NOT updating that frequent as I was infected by this disease called Laziness.  :P
A big thank you to those who kept on clicking into my blog, tried to follow my blog but ended up viewing the same old post again and again. Oopsy. =/

Kay, let's see what can I write about...*think think think*

ohh, assessment week had finally passed! Weee!
I'm quite satisfied with my grades (let's don't be so strict for the 1st time hehe)..except for mechanics. I really need to do loads and loads of practice lah. I suck in it.

I just don't get it, in the future, will I be calculating the relative position of the money after 3s in the bank? LOL.
But yea.. despite having those doubts, I still love maths.

You hear that??  I LOVE MATHS  
and gosh, I'm serious.  

What a miracle. The thing I used to hate soooo much (omg, like really sooooo x1000000000...∝ much) has now become an enjoyment. I actually enjoy doing maths prep though. haha

Coz you only have one correct answer for maths, but for essay subjects like history with NO definite answer, that's when I got headache. Time consuming man. and I don't have much time okay?! haha :P

Nevertheless, I still enjoy what I'm doing now. It's like, wow, how did I choose this path? I'm glad that I applied for economics instead of what I'd usually thought of. I think I've made my first step right.
I suppose. lol.

Hmm, let's cut the crap. Here's  some of my oh-so-cute photos. 
(omeegoshh can somebody please slap me? tq.)

In Steph's room

Stephanie's Fluffy BIG Dog.
 *Cuddles tightly*  (ish, stop acting like a baby)
oh and that's nini behind me.

 Anyway, my point is..the doggie is almost half of my size!  Lmao.
Ish. Why am I so small?

Okay let's have some real animals.

Alia is now very famous because of cats. Our housemistress had already own 2 fatty adorable cats (always wandering around, meowing outside my room =.=) BUT now we have MORE! MORE! and MORE! Miss even built a tiny nursery for them.

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls....introducing..

6 berry berry kawaii kittens ^ 3 ^


Miss found these cute little fellas in the school compound.
hence, they are now temporarily adopted by Alians.

Oh btw they have their own names too!
so cool! 
(I can't really recognise each of them though. duh they all look almost the same to me LOL)

oh yea.. Nabila, Noraini and me (the only three L6 bank scholars in Alia) were so excited when we got our 1st blue slip ever. Thanks to our kind Stats teacher =)  Unlike some really stingy ones =.= haha.


We seriously looked retarded here.

I like this. 
How i wish we could multiply the slips. hehe

And some really vain photos after house singing. 
Ignore this part if you want to. =)



I'm going back to Penang tomorrow !!!!!!

Curry Mee, Char Koay Teow, Pohpiah
I'm coming for you~ :P