Saturday, October 16, 2010

Evidence of NOT focusing

Yay people, it's weekend again! :)

Another hectic week had past and it's now time for me to recharge myself.

Bought 8 brilliant brightening masks recently. ♥ this brand from Taiwan =D Yay! (My skin's so happy)
Seriously, I really have to do something. My skin suck at the moment. T____T sobs.

Get Well Soon, my dear skin!

Black Pearl! Sake Yeast! Birds' Nest! Red Wine! etc etc.
Omeegoshh they sound Yummeeeey!!
( err... that's for the face )

People nowadays are just so creative. They actually come out with these cool products. And thus our skin got pampered sooo much.. Tsk Tsk. Appreciate it lah my dear skin, I spent so much to feed you with good food so please be a good girl okay? I demand you to stay healthy and pretty!! haha

oh yea, I got love notes ♥ =)
Thank you so so so so much! xoxo

( lol it said that I'm oh-so-cute. HAHAHAHA )

Friday night:

Start: Prep time! yay I love studying!  *switched on study lamp, opened book with enthusiasm*

However, after some time....: ZzZz *stared at the clock* 
                                              Err, how much time left until prep time finish huh? 

Lil Alien had lost her sanity after studying for a long time (long??!! are you sure? =.= tsk tsk).

So, yea. Apparently, I screwed up my second prep time by camwhoring, eating snacks, surfing the net..or to make it short, PLAYING. (Oopsyy. Shhh!)

I reckon that it's normal for not focusing 100% during prep time. You know, when there's no mood to study, it's really hard to concentrate, right?
For me, it's best to study really really hard until the fullest when your 'study mood' is there. Coz you never know when the mood will come back again.

Okay I guess that's it for today..just a short update anyway.
It's saturday night and I'm going out for shopping! =) Wee! *jumps up and down*
(well, not malls like the gardens or pavilion..haha we just want to get some groceries)

So, yea.
Have a great weekend people! 
♡ you all :)