Sunday, March 16, 2014

London Market Crawl

During a chat over dinner with my housemates, someone was asking me what's my favourite city? I wanted to say Tokyo initially but then I realised that I did not stay there long enough to really understand the city.

Perhaps, London? but it actually depends on how do you define 'favourite city'. For instance, say I like Kuala Lumpur but there's just no place like home (I'm from Penang Island). Similarly, I wouldn't say that I want to live in London because to be honest I'm just not a city girl deep down. I still prefer our little peaceful Guildford. *hands down*

I still have to admit though.. that there is something about this city that makes me want to go back again and again. It's just simply charming.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Another ideal afternoon in London

Went London, again. While the main purpose was to support my friends' Malaysian night event at Imperial College, it was also another weekend getaway to get some good gourmet coffee and breathe in some London air.
Truth is that there are too many things you can do in London and you can't possibly cover them in just one go.  Specifically, too many good cafes and shopping places. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wandering around London like a neko (cat)

After having a satisfying brunch at Foxcroft & Ginger, we went to St.Paul's Cathedral since we haven't really been to all tourist attractions in London.

Directly opposite to St. Paul's Cathedral, we found this newly opened shopping mall, 'One New Change' where they have a rooftop terrace that is open to public, free of charge.

Took the lift up to the rooftop and got to see panoramic views of the London skyline... It's gorgeous.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Brunch in London

Last Monday(no lectures during reading week!) together with Jan, I took the 10.02 morning off-peak train to London. Usually, from Guildford, the fastest train is about 38 minutes. That's what I love about Guildford- so near to London yet far enough to stay away from the hustle and bustle of a city life. Though I used to dream about living in the city- grabbing a take-away coffee, rushing through the undergrounds...well, you get the idea. 

Surprisingly, I am now actually feeling so grateful (genuinely speaking) to live in a peaceful small town which is just a stone-throw away from London. It's like whenever I feel like going to London, I can just hop on the next fastest train heading to London Waterloo (the trains are so frequent that you don't even need to worry about the timings) and at the end of the day I can just come back before midnight and sleep in my own bed. Of course, if only they would stop raising the ticket fares. Like seriously, stop increasing. The rate is getting ridiculous each year.

Anyway.. Back to last Monday.

Met up with Judith and Jia Huey at Foxcroft & Ginger in Soho after we took a detour to Her Majesty's Theatre to get our musical tickets for that night. Yes, it's Phantom of the Opera!! *gasps* (will talk about it in my next post)

Thursday, February 06, 2014

A laid-back afternoon

Exams ended last week(finally!) and I'm proud to say that it went well. Perhaps not as excellent as what I expected it to be, I can still be sure that I definitely worked harder and did better than last term. After all it's all about improvements.

We're now in 'Reading Week' where I 'should' be preparing for the new term next week. But I just came back from the bloody battlefield and I absolutely deserve some quality rest.

Lunch/Afternoon tea with Ika after Malaysian Society's meeting. We went to Glutton & Glee near Tunsgate despite the gloomy weather (which started pouring soon after) and stayed for some time inside the warm, cosy cafe.  

I had Americano again. Not exactly sure since when this addiction started but I really enjoy the bittersweet aftertaste of this milkless drink; especially those with a tinge of sourness (due to the technique they used to roast their coffee beans.. according to Jia Huey). 

The cakes were good but I prefer the savoury ones- steak pie was amazing.