Sunday, March 16, 2014

London Market Crawl

During a chat over dinner with my housemates, someone was asking me what's my favourite city? I wanted to say Tokyo initially but then I realised that I did not stay there long enough to really understand the city.

Perhaps, London? but it actually depends on how do you define 'favourite city'. For instance, say I like Kuala Lumpur but there's just no place like home (I'm from Penang Island). Similarly, I wouldn't say that I want to live in London because to be honest I'm just not a city girl deep down. I still prefer our little peaceful Guildford. *hands down*

I still have to admit though.. that there is something about this city that makes me want to go back again and again. It's just simply charming.

The best way to spend your Saturday morning in London is to go to Borough market. 
There is a huge crowd and a great variety of good food which is really worth spending your pennies there (though some are overpriced). 

And I saw this stall that sells exotic meat and being adventurous we thought, why not? 

I'm sorry you cute animals but you guys taste good! >_<

Cheese, cheese everywhere. I walked around the market and so many people were giving out free samples that I was sick of it at the end. I still like cheese!

My friend here Melody has the sweetest smile, ever. 

Managed to sit down and enjoyed some organic gelato and ice cream before moving on to the next stop: Real food festival at Southbank.

When I first saw these I was like: "KARIPAP!" and then found out that it's just a type of Polish snack. I miss Malaysia's pasar!

I can proudly tell you that I resisted. All these devilish cakes. *cries now*

Weather has been really good these few days. Sun is warm but not scorchingly hot, which is one of the reasons why Spring is my favourite season.

After that we went to watch 'Wicked' in the afternoon. It was amazing! Now the story of Wizard of Oz makes sense to me. When I was younger I thought it was boring! Another great musical ticked off the list and another day in London worth remembering.

Back to reality.

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