Sunday, March 09, 2014

Another ideal afternoon in London

Went London, again. While the main purpose was to support my friends' Malaysian night event at Imperial College, it was also another weekend getaway to get some good gourmet coffee and breathe in some London air.
Truth is that there are too many things you can do in London and you can't possibly cover them in just one go.  Specifically, too many good cafes and shopping places. 

No. 193 Wardour Street.

Funny how I did not order long black this time round (my favourite) just because I wanted coffee art for photo purposes. Anyway, either I have low standards for coffee or they were just really good, I thought their latte was beyond perfect.

Then, we decided to visit the Natural History Museum. I've been to South Kensington countless times but never had the time to go inside the museum.

Walked past other exhibits yawning because frankly, I'm not interested in stones and fossils etc. Told you I'm not that cultured. While the world famous dinosaur skeleton was pretty cool, the magnificent stairs and interior of the museum stole my heart instead. 

So gorgeous.

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