Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wigs for fashion, or fun?

One day when I was facebook-ing as usual, I saw huichuin's photos of her Taiwan trip and was shocked to see her new hairstyle. At first I really thought that she had cut her hair and dyed it, but later on, after using my brain to analyse, I reckon she must be wearing a WIG.

Watch this interesting video and be amazed by the Japanese fashion nowadays.

OMG right? I don't mean that they are insane or what, but rather, woah..super chio!
You can make your short hair long, or even vice versa! So wigs are now not only for bald people okay.

Back to the topic, I went to her house that day. Being piqued by curiosity, I asked her to show us the....umm, prop? LOL. She bought it from Taiwan, at a reasonably cheaper price.

And when she took it out to show us, all of us were like, OHHH MYYY !! Kawaii :)
It's so much fun to play with wigs, honestly. Hahaha. I mean, you can have a new hairstyle temporarily without damaging your hair.

Thus, how could I let this golden chance flip through my fingers? You know, I heard that there's a shop in Queensbay Mall that allows you to try on their wigs for RM5 each before you decide to buy.

But here in her house, I can put on and play and cam-whore until I syok for free. LOL. Thanks to our generous lao lao. =) grandma was quite interested after I showed her these photos. =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sudah Old Already

A short post with photos as main point.

Another weekend during the holidays, my relatives from KL came back to Penang. Particularly, it was Aunt Siew Lay and her family.

During their stay in Golden Sands Resort, we went there to pay them a visit and to enjoy the hotel's facilities. Hee :) It was like a mini family gathering since we usually meet once a year only.

Due to the poor quality of my camera, and also mainly because of my very-very-poor skills, I managed to pick a few 'presentable' ones only from what I'd captured on that day. Boohoohoo ='(
Felt so paiseh to those who wished to appear in my blog post. LOL. *slaps*

Aunt Siew Hong and my little cousin, Zi Heng. Apparently he wanted to play in the tiny sandpit......

......and secretly colonised it when nobody's around.

"Imma bulid a castle for my queen" =)

However, he found out that the sandpit was just way too small and lame. The king decided to migrate to the sea shore and built his empire there.

Here comes the pretty little mermaid, En Yu. 


"Sand sand! Step step step..." 


*Heart Melts* Why so cute huh? I knew that I wasn't that cute when I was younger.
Not Fair! Hahaha

Looking at these fellas, admit lah,  you and I sudah old already lor..
Cannot act cute from now on okay? T__________T

Grow up.
Fairy tales are just, tales. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pampered bliss at G Cafe

It's finally HOLIDAYS!! well, for a sixth former like me. =)
My oh-so-nice aunts brought me for a sumptuous buffet lunch like they had promised me earlier. It was like a reward or gift from them, as I have got the bnm's scholarship, and ehem, because I've been such a good girl. =) *claps hands*

And so, we went to G Hotel at Gurney Drive, Penang's famous boulevard. 

G cafe. 
It was the place where we dined in. Pretty interior design at the entrance, isn't it? LOL. And oh! Did you see the evian mineral water botel? I really thought that they would serve this 'classy' water to their customers. Well, I thought.

Peek into this posh cafe and trust me, you'll definitely wish to sit down and enjoy the bliss.


Guess what's this bluish thingy. Beautiful ey? =)
Btw..I don't think that they were so good to serve us with evian, do you?


OMG. The dessert spread is just soooo tantalizing. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, I bet you'll surely fall for it as well! Slurp!


FYI, we went on Sunday and thus it was Hi-Tea buffet that day. If you go on other days, you might have other themes like Indian cuisine, Seafood spread etc.


The main course spread here is more like a fusion of Western and Asian dishes. From fried noodles to lamb chop, you name it, they have it. Well, I'm using hyperbole here. Not so great, in actual fact.


There were a few stalls outdoors.
Mee Goreng Mamak. Hmm, so not mamak.

My recommendation: Beef !
If you do eat beef, trust me, don't miss this.
I meant it. You will actually fly after having just one bite. It tasted like heaven I tell you, so awesome that you would moo out loud.  *MOO!*

Seafood Corner.  
Oh my.. isn't it tempting? Well, at least it worked on me.
However, after tasting, it was just okay, not very very nice lor.


From left: Aunt Siew Hong and Siew Siew. Smile :]

From Left: Aunt Siew Eap and her daughter, Yi Wei, which means, my little cousin. lol.

Aunts. They are all my mother's younger sisters. Haha, I have one more in KL.
*Waves to Aunt Siew Lay*

My appetizer as a warm-up. Salad and Potato Soup!( recommendation II )  It tasted like mashed potato, mashed gao-gaoly with extra gravy. LOL. Super delicious, my dear!

and...Here comes the main course.

Beef, lamb, Thai chicken, egg, harsh brown and seafood thermidor. Yum! I'm such a carnivore.


Recommendation III: Fettuccine Carbonara.
You can choose from an array of different Italian pastas and sauces, and then the chef will cook for you on the spot. Cool!  


Recommendation IV: Dessert!




Aunt Siew Siew with her desserts. Sweet lady + Sweet food= Very Sweet Pic. Her bf will be the 1st to agree with me.*evil laughs*


Aunt Siew Hong with Me. =)


Waffle with Ice Cream topping. One word: YUMMY!

Oh ya, you can always ask for coffee or tea from the waiter as it was included in the buffet. However, you must ask from them or else, they won't serve you. Otherwise, you can always enjoy free flow of fruit juices or plain iced water.

Furthermore, there were also ice kacang.. but I didn't eat as I don't really fancy it. If only if they were serving Chendol instead, I would be clapping my hands. Too bad, nope.


I went to the classy washroom after drinking a lot. LOL. And of course, you know, my main purpose was to cam-whore! 
 Not nice I know. =.=

Ate from 12pm to 2.30pm. Siao. Damn bloated. *Burp* Thus, we walked to Gurney Plaza in order to promote digestion. After some shopping, we continued shopping at Queensbay. Siao again. LOL. Aunts' idea, not me. Bought a new dress from Voir. Weee! =) oh well, on the other hand, my money flew away.  T___T  

But seriously, we all need to pamper ourselves once in a while. Right? Heehee.
In conclusion, on my scale from 1 to 10, I shall give it a 6.5
I wouldn't say that the Hi-Tea buffet was very nice, but it's worth trying. At least, the posh interior and relaxing ambiance had won it all. 

Aunts said our next stop will be Hard Rock Hotel Penang. WooHoo! 
Ish, I shall be bloated again. 

Yea, Definitely.  =)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Life's good


It was like, my blog had woken up from a long, long nap.
Cool, did my blog just hibernated? =.=

It's not that I didn't want to blog, but the irresponsible, lazy girl here *Waves* just didn't have the right mood, and the right topic to post about. Okay I know, my bad.

I am currently still playing(LOL!) around in form 6, busying with all the Teacher's Day celebration thingy, though I had already accepted the prestigious scholarship offer from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

OMG. Really??

YES. I'm not kidding here, miaomiao. You don't need to give me that kind of comical expression.

This is what I wear
whenever I feel that I need some luck.

Evidently, I can be very superstitious sometimes. In funny ways. LOL

You might laugh at me if I tell you that I put RM13 in my purse the day before SPM result was being announced, though I ended up getting only 12 stars.

I bet you'll roll on floor and laugh if I tell you that I actually stayed away from any black undies when I went for competitions, examinations, interviews etc.

No, I don't think that it's stupid. =)
I understand that those weren't magic. It's just something that allows me to gain confidence. Just like controlling your subconscious mind, telling yourself that you are the best, you can, and you will win.

Most of us had read before the story of a little boy who thought the stone that a magician gave him was indeed, magical. He finally won something (I forgot already haha), just because he thought that he was aided by the lucky stone. In fact, he was actually using his own will to win everything. The stone however, was merely a lousy stone.

I think I am just like the little boy. Despite the fact that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, I am very sure that I am not a witch and I don't learn witchcraft. The red T-shirt is just like any other normal tee. The RM13 and lucky undies were also, nothing special.

However, luck does come to us when we work hard for something. Believe it or not, it's up to you.
Although some people are really damn lucky without giving out an effort, but hey, you're not them. Accept it, the world is NOT FAIR. The only way you can make everything better is, work harder, work smarter. That's the only way to attract Lady Luck.

This is one of my favourite quote in Chinese.
hey of course, I don't mean that I'm already a success. Duh..I am just at the starting point la.

Oh ya, I hunted for typical Indian food in Little India with my family last week.
I love eating rice on Banana Leaf. Cool! but sadly, I didn't know how to eat using my bare fingers.

CURRY. Slurp!

I actually wanted to make you guys feel hungry by posting this photo, but now, my tummy is growling. =.=

Well, I know that it's kinda pointless to post this, but the message I would like to convey is:
Life's good.

Fyi: I will be going to Kolej Tuanku Jaafar (KTJ) for A-levels before I continue to pursue Economics in UK. Wish me luck guys, I'll definitely miss every one of you =)