Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where are you from?

As you can see, the tiny blue stars on the map are indicating viewers of my blog from different countries all over the world.  NO, I'm not trying to show off. In actual fact, there's really nothing much to be proud of.

Most probably they're just people that were coincidentally linked to my blog.  
As if my blog is that great, my daily counter should have boosted more and I should be serving some advertorials lah.

I just want to share these with you all, the so-called 'collection' of mine. Whenever I see the little stars blinking, my hearts skips a little ;) Especially the crowded stars spreading over Malaysia on the map, Thankyou my friends for supporting. 

So, yea, here goes...

I guess the reason why they read my blog is that my blog was written in the chinese language last time. But now I'm not so sure...你们还有在支持我吗?

Australia-Perth, Melbourne, Launceston.
No doubt they must be my dear friends staying over there with the Koalas and Wombats. Good Day, Mate! :)

Hellooo neighbours!  *Waves* 

Ramen.Bento.Mochi.Sushi.Wasabi.Sashimi.Watashiwa Hungri. =P

"It's America, but SOUTH!"  Quoted from the PIXAR movie- UP.

Hungary- Budapest
Woolaalaa Central Europe! I wanna fly there to hug you~

Ahaha This must be my friend, Ti Fanny! She went there for student exchange programme. Cool right? Btw Fanny, Finland cold or not?  xD

United States- Seattle, Decatur, Absecon, Sunnyvale.
It's America! Oh yeah baby, what's up?  Imma be Imma be...TALLER!

Hmm..I wonder, perhaps they're all my friends who went there for vacations and went online there.

... ...err, did anyone of you go to Pakistan? 

Out of all, I think this is the Coolest- UNKNOWN.

Chio max. I win already. 
Aliens read my blog.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lappy :)

I've finally switched and become an apple-ish notebook owner! Wee~ Thank you soooo much our beloved Bank Negara for this wonderful present, I'm very grateful. Muacks x10000000...till infinity!

Look at her, what a beauty she is. So snowy, So white, So YUMMEEEY
*wipes saliva*  Eww, why am I so ham-sap?

To be frank I'm actually quite proud of myself.  Even IT noobs like me managed to familiarise with the new 'windowsless' system. (err. perhaps it's nothing special to boast about =.='')

But now, I'm totally in a serious love-hate relationship with her.
And do you know why?

 My lappy is more gorgeous than ME.  
how pathetic. 

Monday, July 19, 2010


That's what we called them during high school times.

Fluffy balls made of wool that we girls used to make it in art classes at school.
It was an art project that we all had to do it until very very stunning to 'snatch' marks for our final exams.
LOL. Those kia-su times. Tsk Tsk. 

I could still remember that I did very well but the teacher didn't give me full marks because she claimed that my total amount of pompoms was too little if being compared to some of my friends. Fyi, some had done like almost 30 animals while I did only half of them. wtf Haha!! But still, scored high marks la since I still had quality instead of quantity. LOL vain-ing.

There are even fake plants and little pebbles to decorate the pond, how cool is that!

Well, apparently the whole thing isn't mine. It's my sister's project lately. 

I just smell something so familiar whenever I look at it. High school memories I guess. When all the girls used to chat while knitting the pompoms together during free periods, or even during lessons. Ha! I miss those days =)

Alas, it all ended. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Munching an apple

Geez. Why am I so happy over a fruit? :P

Comments oh Comments

 Dear Readers out there,


 I've finally upgraded my dear blog. Well, kinda. 
You see, my blog is sooo LOUSY. So lousy that nobody wants to comment. Sad T_____T

#1. Lame Archives
 Apparently I don't often write brilliant posts with brilliant photos. Plus, didn't update frequently. Gosh. My bad. Sad x2 T_______T  But I promise I'll be a good blogger, well, once I have a more COLOURFUL life. Sigh.

#2. No Readers
OMG Sad x 100000000...infinity. Not much loyal readers. Some just drop by and never come back. Thank you for reading this anyway. You've made my day =))

#3. Too Shy
I know, people are always too shy to leave their footprints. They prefer stalking, right? *wink*

#4.  Laziness.
 Ha! Gotcha! I bet 90% of you belong here. Coz that's what I always do too. Very Bad you know?

Later on, I found that there's one more factor that caused most readers to not comment.
The stupid log-in system when you wish to comment here in blogspot. 

I mean, wth why so troublesome huh? Why do readers have to deal with the word verification thing which most of the times, me myself find it so sweat.
And then, the system is so lame that you must have a google account to comment. Or okay, if you don't have it , use Open ID then. This ends up with all anonymous comments. Not Cool.

Who wants to comment in this lame way when you can just easily write at the chatbox? And thus, your chatbox is the only thing living in your blog. Comments? No.

Now I've FINALLY installed DISQUS. Now commenting on posts becomes more PRO!! and much easier my dear, so no more excuses for you! Hear that folks? Comment =)))

See, you can log in with your FACEBOOK account to comment, which is so convenient because everyone loves fb. Even uncles and aunties nowadays have their own fb account. Awesome. No need to do word verification anymore. Woohoo! can sign in with your Twitter or Disqus. Or Or Or..OPEN ID lo, if you're so ulu. Perhaps you wanna be mysterious huh? LOL.

Guys, You will understand why I'm so desperate to have comments on my posts if you too, own a blog. It's a kind of encouragement, which makes me wanna blog more. Good or bad comments, that's nothing to bother about. As long as you don't spam or insult me, I'll appreciate what you've written. Seriously. 

Thanks for dropping by anyway.  Love ya =)  

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sneak Peaks of KTJ

Went down to KL for medical checkup at Plaza Sentral.

You might ask, why didn't I just do it in Penang instead? So troublesome ey? Well, you see, it's a must for us to get it done at the Bank Negara's panel clinic. I don't mind traveling here and there, since I've already stopped attending form 6 classes in pcghs, my time is just sooo flex. =P

Not gonna talk too much on the experience. Just the usual and simple things. Except for the X-Ray part, omg my 1st time! 我的第一次!  *faints*

I remembered that the nurse just suddenly snapped , "Ok, Buka Baju, Buka Bra.."

And I was like, "Huhh? Oh. Okay. " with a retarded facial expression. 

Hey. It's not like I didn't know the procedures for doing X-ray, but imagine, when you're still dreaming around, out of a sudden somebody just ordered you to take off everything. Too sudden, I suppose.  LOL

Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar (KTJ)


Yipee! I finally went to KTJ in Mantin to have a closer look at this 'home away from home' for my next 2 years. Yea baby, 2 years =.=  It's a British style boarding school fyi. 

Just a little photos, since it was just a short visit. Anyway, the college was awesome! I'm already loving it at my first sight. And yea, I bet I'll snap gazillions of photos when I've already moved to there by August. Stay tuned for more updates,  brought to you by  :)

and Owh, before I sign off.. Serdang Hakka Yong Tao Fu is simply delicious!  I love the Fried Fu Zhok so much !!  What about you? ;P