Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lappy :)

I've finally switched and become an apple-ish notebook owner! Wee~ Thank you soooo much our beloved Bank Negara for this wonderful present, I'm very grateful. Muacks x10000000...till infinity!

Look at her, what a beauty she is. So snowy, So white, So YUMMEEEY
*wipes saliva*  Eww, why am I so ham-sap?

To be frank I'm actually quite proud of myself.  Even IT noobs like me managed to familiarise with the new 'windowsless' system. (err. perhaps it's nothing special to boast about =.='')

But now, I'm totally in a serious love-hate relationship with her.
And do you know why?

 My lappy is more gorgeous than ME.  
how pathetic.