Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where are you from?

As you can see, the tiny blue stars on the map are indicating viewers of my blog from different countries all over the world.  NO, I'm not trying to show off. In actual fact, there's really nothing much to be proud of.

Most probably they're just people that were coincidentally linked to my blog.  
As if my blog is that great, my daily counter should have boosted more and I should be serving some advertorials lah.

I just want to share these with you all, the so-called 'collection' of mine. Whenever I see the little stars blinking, my hearts skips a little ;) Especially the crowded stars spreading over Malaysia on the map, Thankyou my friends for supporting. 

So, yea, here goes...

I guess the reason why they read my blog is that my blog was written in the chinese language last time. But now I'm not so sure...你们还有在支持我吗?

Australia-Perth, Melbourne, Launceston.
No doubt they must be my dear friends staying over there with the Koalas and Wombats. Good Day, Mate! :)

Hellooo neighbours!  *Waves* 

Ramen.Bento.Mochi.Sushi.Wasabi.Sashimi.Watashiwa Hungri. =P

"It's America, but SOUTH!"  Quoted from the PIXAR movie- UP.

Hungary- Budapest
Woolaalaa Central Europe! I wanna fly there to hug you~

Ahaha This must be my friend, Ti Fanny! She went there for student exchange programme. Cool right? Btw Fanny, Finland cold or not?  xD

United States- Seattle, Decatur, Absecon, Sunnyvale.
It's America! Oh yeah baby, what's up?  Imma be Imma be...TALLER!

Hmm..I wonder, perhaps they're all my friends who went there for vacations and went online there.

... ...err, did anyone of you go to Pakistan? 

Out of all, I think this is the Coolest- UNKNOWN.

Chio max. I win already. 
Aliens read my blog.

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