Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'm Ready!

It's August. Gosh, it's like, FINALLY!

Summer break is going to end soon..which means, school's gonna start!
(and I'm actually welcoming Autumn in M'sia =.=)
Seriously, I've been looking forward to THE DAY since the Jurassic era. Can't wait anymore.

And whenever I go surfing the news feed on fb, I always see my collegemates-to-be writing about their excitements on going to KTJ soon. We are all super ready to start a new chapter of life. I mean..duh, after waiting for ages, who wouldn't be? Especially people like us, the last batch of the scholars to start college. The other scholars that were sent to Taylors, INTEC, KYUEM already started liao lo..Left us..Boohoohoo  :(

Well, it's okay. 

At least they don't get to wear pretty cool uniforms like us.. HAHAHA

My blazer/coat was done! Neat right?
Feel like being a prefect again. Hahaha.

Was once a pcghs prefect. (with my two dear WENs. xD )

btw you know what, my uniforms (inculding sport attire & blazer) costs up to RM1k.  *Gulps*
and that's only what I wear, not to mention my tuition fees, boarding costs etc. Arigato Gozaimasu bnm.
*Bows 90 degrees*

I really do know how to spell the word: L-U-C-K-Y.

Like in Harry Potter (wth LOL), we would be sorted into different houses.
And I am in the Alia house, which is a new house that was just opened this year.
Since it's new, everything's new! Building's new, furniture's new! YESHHH!

Lucky Lucky Lucky.

why, I look like a school girl that never grow up. Nvm, looking young isn't a bad thing afterall.
You'll envy me years later. We'll see. Ha! =P