Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Countdown: 2 days left

2 days left in my hometown, Penang. (well I'll be back. very soon in fact =P)
but what I want to say is, time flies.. like a rocket!!

I could still remember a countdown in fb with my collegemates: 6 weeks to go!!!!!!
Later: 3 weeks to go!!!
The last countdown was: 2 weeks more!!

NOW, 2 DAYS only.

And I wonder what kind of feeling should I have at this moment..Hmmm
It's all mixed up now. I just hope that I'm leaving without any special feelings. That would be easier.

Camwhoring in my bedroom. 

The next time I put up a self vain-ing photo, it could be at somewhere else.
Oh I'll miss my mirrors in my room for sure, which I can see my front & back, my whole body..wth

I wish there's a GIGANTIC/HUMONGOUS/ENORMOUS/BIGGIE.. mirror in my boarding house.
(what's kind of wish is that? tsk tsk. typical young ladies what )

Ok that's all for today. Time to finish up my luggage packing. 
Gosh I really feel like bringing my entire room there!

and ahh.. this is specially dedicated to my dearest friends:

Earthquakes can't shake us.
Cyclones can't break us.
Hurricanes can't take away our love. ♡

I'll always love you all.

Favourite hit on my playlist lately. *Charice is just soooo amazing!*
Enjoy and stay tuned for my packing post. =)