Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wandering around London like a neko (cat)

After having a satisfying brunch at Foxcroft & Ginger, we went to St.Paul's Cathedral since we haven't really been to all tourist attractions in London.

Directly opposite to St. Paul's Cathedral, we found this newly opened shopping mall, 'One New Change' where they have a rooftop terrace that is open to public, free of charge.

Took the lift up to the rooftop and got to see panoramic views of the London skyline... It's gorgeous.

No plans until tea time (as our main aim this trip is to just enjoy food haha) so we dropped by the British Museum. It was my first time visiting this museum even though I've been to London for so many times. What a shame.

Judith wanted to go to the Japan room so we tagged along. (Yay for me) As you know, I love everything Japanese.

Will go again to visit other exhibits next time. To be honest, however, museum isn't really my kind of thing. I'm just not that cultured. 

Located in Exmouth Market near Angel (or City University) and operated by Japanese, Necco Cafe Bar serves quality sushi and is famous for its homemade Japanese style pastries.

*Necco or Neko (ねこ) means Cat in Japanese. Neko is often used to represent a relaxed or laid-back character so I guess the cafe owner wants his guests to feel pampered and to enjoy life like a neko.





Their Matcha Latte is perfect. Perhaps it might be just me being biased since it's been a while since I last had Matcha. But still, I love it and will be going back again for sure.

Jan and I met up with Nicholas (the other Nicholas from London, not the one in Surrey lol) at Necco cafe and after our tea/dinner we took the tube to Charing Cross station and walked towards Her Majesty's Theatre. We were so excited. It's Phantom of the Opera!!!!!

** When in London, out of so many musicals, there are three "Must-Watch": Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon (Miss Saigon is finally coming back in May this year by the way!)
...and yes, I'm finally ticking off the first one.

I regret for being skint. I should have bought the more expensive tickets so that we can have a better view. To be fair, despite sitting a bit too high and far up from the stage, we could still see everything clearly and it wasn't that bad. But I will definitely pay for a better seat next time since I don't mind watching it again for the 2nd or even the 3rd time. Though I love the story since young and know most of the songs by heart, the musical itself is still..extraordinarily breathtaking. The props, the actors, the costumes...not to mention the orchestra! Well, there's actually no point of me describing the whole thing here as you just have to go and experience it yourself. All I have to say is that I had goosebumps throughout the show and nearly cried at the end. Not exaggerating at all. 

I was totally immersed in it.