Thursday, March 29, 2012

Muffin day

So finally I decided to bake for my friends before the end of term. Have been very lazy lately until being teased by Hana. She claimed that I've never bake for her before. heh

Was testing out poppy seed & apricot muffins and I think they taste super nice!! :)) Not too sweet this time



In the process.. Oohh I was so excited when I saw the muffins raising rapidly inside the oven.
Loving the way these little fellas 'breathe' :3

And tada! lovely muffins freshly out of the oven :) I know i'm making you hungry!

Initially, I wanted to give some to my classmates/close friends but I think I was too lazy to walk out of the house so I just gave all to my housemates and housemistress only. and of course, myself :D nom nom


'Mopeng' a bit heheh :P Time for some facial baby muffin haha

 Coincidentally or what I'm not sure.. The mixture today was unexpectedly being equally divided into 20 cups. No more or less, just 20 muffins only.

I was so happy because it's like making muffins for my own birthday tomorrow! Which wasn't under my plan actually.

And then I gave them out to all my housemates which makes me even happier :)
I love spreading love around <3

Happy Birthday to Myself *forever alone* haha

Hope tomorrow will always be a better day! Cheers to entering the 20th year of my life!