Wednesday, March 21, 2012

almost end-of-term before all the examsss

Finally got our house portrait already. 

We have this photo session annually and this is already my second time taking it. and also my last house photo :')
the formal version.
huhu I look like a gigantic fat house captain here :/ not the usual mini Grace.
*Must be angle problem!
but oh well, at least I look happy don't I? :)

and the crazy one. Haha not really clear here but we were all wearing paper mustaches  :{P
Alia love ♥


another lazy afternoon..
with tons of prep and revision waiting to be accomplished.


my lucky baby UCL.

I'm so grateful that they have finally made me an offer. I've always wanted a London Uni and I understand that it's pretty competitive to get in for Economics so no matter what I am going to make sure that I get in there this September.

Though conditional, I am confident that I can meet their grade requirement.
Unless I am so idiotic enough to not study and let it slip through my fingers.

One of the reason I updated my fb status about my offer from UCL was also because I wanted to give myself the pressure; to force myself to make it a reality. I don't want to let myself down, and so do you guys who liked my status.

so, let's gambateh together! :)

 my bathroom mate Hana always do funny things like this without failing to make me LOL

guess i should sleep now, so I will be less reluctant to get up from my bed tomorrow when she wakes me up for breakfast.

Good night, world.