Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekend shopping + monday blues

Went out for weekend shopping yesterday :)
happiest time of the week ♥

Didn't buy any clothing this time. Not even a single T-shirt.
I don't know why but sometimes I just don't have the mood to shop for clothes. weird!
BUT I spent A LOT on groceries. my cupboard is full of FOOD now :P not forgetting those in the refrigerator. Feel so happy! Having good food in life means you're having a good life. LOL.

Showing some of my shopping haul.. all the non-food. oh well, not much but still,  spending on cute things can make me really happy :D

It's a pink bow hair band :) fluffy cute!

and this. 24 Twin tip markers for RM10 only. AHHHH best buy of the day :') I've been craving for colour markers for some time

Continental Bakery delivery from Penang! Thank you mummy daddy for buying me my favourite food :P and thank you Hazel for bringing them back to ktj! I can be fat nao haha ♥

*sigh* Tomorrow's Monday! and I am annoyed as usual :/ can't I have more holidays? seriously.