Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fast Food in HK

Talk about speed and efficiency- Fast food has always been the easiest and fastest way(literally) to appease my random hunger pangs.

Now when we say fast food, I'm sure things like burgers, fries, pizzas and soft drinks would appear on your mind stereotypically.

But Hong Kong kind of gave me a whole new definition of fast food.

Value set with cold drinks.

Yes, Hong Kong style fast food it is.
It may look kind of simple and disappointing.. But trust me, (or at least my sophisticated taste buds) the taste wasn't bad at all!

French toast covered with extra sugar and condensed milk.
(ouuu. guilty pleasures)

 碗仔翅 'wun zai qi' or shark's fin soup (without shark's fin)

le bowl of awesomeness. *slurps*

FYI, There are three main fast food chains in HK, namely:
Cafe de Coral 大家乐
Fairwood 大快活
Maxim's MX 美心

and the one I dined in was called Fairwood. (notably with orange interior)

Though this type of fast food had been there for many years, I'm still impressed with the creativity to integrate daily hk delicacies into fast food.

And then of course, there's Mc Donald's where I couldn't resist myself from buying something even when I'm not that hungry.

because they have the cutest chicken nugget box ever!! ( ˘ ³˘)♥
(and really cool nugget sauce too)

Apparently during our trip, their Happy Meal that week was with Hello Kitty theme! Lucky us.

Just HKD 25 for one! (approximately RM10)
Reasonable price for something exclusive I guess (^▽^)ツ

I mean how often can you see a black skeleton hello kitty?! somehow disgustingly cute, don't you think so? heh