Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Sunday; Dinner at Xuan Xin Restaurant, Gurney Plaza. 

I call this the 'errr-ha-ha-very-funny' face of me.    a.k.a.  fake smile. lol.

Going to do hair rebonding tomorrow. And bangs, perhaps? After one year. My hair is now a mess that it makes me look like a stupid mermaid that didn't brush her hair for years. I need to straighten it until it looks like a broom :D

Term 3's coming soon. Like, this coming Sunday. A year at KTJ has passed. (and one more year to go!) There will be new L6 juniors coming. And I'm kinda excited to meet all the new bank scholars. I want to guide them like how my seniors guided me last time. lol. Let's just hope I don't teach them naughty things heh :P

Stay tuned for my new hairstyle. I hope it'll suit me :3