Sunday, January 01, 2012

Dream big 2012

So it's 2012 already and I guess I should have an enthusiastic 1st-post-of-the-year *BIG SMILEY FACE* :) 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE  ♥♥ May you have a wonderful 2012!! *fireworks*

Was supposed to list down my new year resolution but I guess putting it up here just doesn't seem right afterall. I prefer writing it down in my organizer/doodle book. Besides, it's a bit mainstream to blog about resolutions. lol.

Albeit so, I still want to tell you readers that I am really anticipating how awesome my 2012 is going turn out like. It would be an interesting one I reckon, but it better be much much greater than the past years!

So in this new happy year, let us all strive to make sure that it would really turn out to be how we have wished it to be. but before that, remember to
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always; and big dreams do come true.