Saturday, May 19, 2012

A good start

Started my first paper of the term yesterday and I am glad to say that I had given my best shot.
Although I thought that the paper was pretty easy, it was tedious and the probability of making careless mistakes was relatively high. Nevertheless I swear I was being extra paranoid and careful  when solving each question. Doing like this was time consuming but at least safer.

So presumably nothing went wrong I think I am definitely getting a perfect score this time.whee this is a very good start :D


Steph and Hana were busy discussing their Stats paper after coming back and I had not enough energy to shoo them out of my room. Standing ON my comfy bed! Vandalizing my whiteboard! wth and it's not like I remember the topics in that module also (I took it like..last year?) Couldn't even join in the conversation! But still, my two darlings were just funny and lovable I just sit there and stare at them :) ♥


 Woke up this morning when Ms Campbell delivered these sweet things to my room.
Exam Care Package! :') huhu best Housemistress on earth thank you so much it made our day.

And then I remember a few days back daddy sent me a cheesy email with all the motivational elements in it as usual. At first I laughed so hard because he's too cute to write a letter for his daughter. I mean how many people's daddy do that? I laughed because I sensed that he's trying to do something really inspiring and touching and I was like : No, daddy you please don't try to do cheesy stuffs I am so not gonna fall into your trap & cry like mummy haha :D But at last I still shed some tears partly because I was tired after studying and felt homesick at the same time. Gee thanks daddy you successfully made my eyes puffy the next morning.

and then I also recalled all the cute, naggy words of wisdom from ze monkey, asking me when's my first paper, have I been studying, whether I have got any further maths questions to ask or not etc.

There are so many people supporting my back. Seriously what else could I ask for..