Monday, May 21, 2012

Savoring life’s simple pleasures

 Meiji plain crackers
Highland cherry tomatoes with roasted sesame salad dressing
Campbell mushroom soup with croutons.

Those days when you feel reluctant to get up early and go to the dining hall... 

It's always not a bad idea to create your own breakfast menu out of the limited groceries and kitchen facilities available.You will be surprised at how much satisfaction a simple meal prepared by yourself could offer.

I was in my room all day long with piles of books and notes and past year papers... so dull and boring that I really feel like fast-forwarding everything to 8.30pm of 22nd June. (last paper fyi)

I thought.

until I got an unexpected 'Chatime' delivery :B

Though it wasn't my favourite flavour, I couldn't stop smiling from the first sip all the way till the last 'pearl'. It's the thought that counts, really.