Saturday, May 01, 2010

I Wanna Wanna Work There!!

So let's continue the story. Story of my interview experience with BNM.

I remembered that I was checking my e-mail inbox every single day. I was so desperate that I even checked twice a day. Just to wait for some surprise.

"Congratulations....bla bla bla" and I finally received an e-mail from the BNM's human resource department.
I was shortlisted for their interview and assessment. Was so happy until I saw the last sentence: " see you soon here at Bank Negara Malaysia."

HAHAHA. Which means I need to go to KL? Problem.

A week later they sent me another notification e-mail with the details of my interview session. Then I started to think, how am I supposed to go there? First thing that came to mind was: Take the bus and travel all alone there. Woah, Nice! But haha, my dad volunteered himself instead to accompany me there, and he actually drove me all the way down to the capital. Problem solved. So lucky la to have this kind of papa. =D

My interview was on Monday but we went there a day before so that we won't need to rush.
It was raining like cats and dogs and there were even lightnings when we were on the North-South Expressway. Surprisingly, I didn't really sleep for the whole journey, but rather, I study!!

This is what I read.

Well *coughs* do you actually believe that I read all these?
Nah, just kidding. =P

I just went through a few important chapters in the pink and green book above. Ignore the marketing and managerial finance thingy. I just wanted to make the pic looks great. Haha.

In actual fact, newspapers, model essays and contoh karangan are more realistic as I can brush up my languages and also my general knowledge. However, most of the time, I was actually chatting with my dad in the car and asked him about tips pertaining to interviews. You don't expect me to read so much on the car, do you? =]

We stayed over for a night in Cheras where our relatives live. It was like a holiday trip as all of us went out for a sumptuous dinner that night until I almost forgot the fact that I would be having my interview on the next day. But damn, I couldn't sleep tight that night because I miss my bed, my pillow, my bolster and also you =(
Hmm, should bring along them next time.

In front of the reception counter of block A.

The next morning I stepped into the lobby of block A, BNM and registered myself at the reception counter. Later, a POLICEMAN brought me into the 'inner area' of the block by scanning his smart card at the machines or what electronic gate access (gosh Idk what's it called) .

Yaya that's what I'm talking about!
We always see these at airports, check points, listed companies etc.

Later on, the guy who e-mailed me came to meet me up and led me to the cafeteria.

Speaking of cafeteria, I can be very excited.


Never expect that they would treat us so well.
Touched.. *wipe tears* lol.

Yum Yum..

The reception counter of Knowledge Management Centre.

After breakfast, we were divided into groups. I was lucky enough to be in the purple group. Purple! ♥ My favourite colour. Fyi, our group comprises 9 members. Later, we took the lift and were brought to the Knowledge Management Centre. It was more like a huge library, with all kinds of monetary and financial related books, magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers etc. There were cozy sofas, study desks, TV, computers with internet access, meeting rooms, offices and also free flow of coffee & tea! Wow, nice right?

But haha, we're there for interview, therefore I couldn't actually enjoyed the facilities there till the fullest, and I could hardly take photos there. You know, it's not that nice to snap so much when you're there for something official. Hee.

As many people would have understood that here in BNM, their interview and assessment consists of 4 tasks or sessions. Each of every tasks here were conducted in English, except for the essay part which I will tell you more on that later. Speaking in English is so much easier and pro right? Like Like!

First and foremost, (in my case) I was asked to go for the Personal Interview first while the others went on for other tasks so that they could save time instead of waiting for mine to be done.

This part was quite tough actually. You need to face 3 panels in a small room alone for like half an hour? more or less. I was asked to introduce myself while they flipped through my data and certificates. Then, they started throwing questions to me pertaining to my co-curricular activities, interests, aspirations and so on. It's not hard to answer but you must really try to answer in a smart way and try to impress them. Otherwise you'll drag yourself into troubles and eventually, you're gone. Personally I think that I did a great job, in spite of a part when the center guy asked me a tough question about the economy. I tried to answer confidently but somehow I guessed the points that I'd given were not what he wished to listen from me. Sad =(
But oh well, it's over. Chill.

Next up, it was the Essay Writing.
I was required to finish Two essays in One hour. Shoot. I was on a rush and so, my handwriting was like..ewwww, messy, untidy! Since I had a limited time, I admit that I didn't write as much or as perfect as in the SPM. Anyway I tried my best. And oh ya, one must be is in BM while the other must be in English. You can choose from 2 questions for each language. Phew, at least I had choices =] The topics were more on current issues and also personal thoughts. It was okay, can write lah. Haha.

After that, it was Personal Presentation.
I love this part! People like me who loves to crap a lot will definitely enjoy this. It's just like those pembentangan that we used to do back in high school. I was given a piece of mahjong paper, marker pens and also the topic of the presentation. I had to finish my plan on my presentation in 25 minutes and present it in front of 2 evaluators for another 20 minutes. Well, it's not a big deal for me as I had spoken in front of the class, and even in front of the whole school in the hall. Plus, I like this part because I could express myself a lot in front of them, unlike the JPA's. Haha. And guess what, they told me that I did a great job on my presentation. Was super duper relieved after listening to their compliments. =]

Once I'd finished the presentation, it was lunch time. And lunch time means...


and again, BNM was so rich and generous.
We didn't need to pay even a cent for that! =P

You can enjoy the city view while having your meal. Cool.

It's so posh that it looks more like a hotel's restaurant.

After lunch, the Muslims went for Solat while the remaining group members went back to the library to CHAT!! Yup, we were so free that we actually talked a lot. Talkative. Haha. We started to know each other more after the long chatting session.

I found that they were all very smart and ambitious people, and I was like: Woah, why all so pro one?? Gosh, I felt so lucky because frankly, I am not that intelligent. Friends of mine knew it, ah mode always blur blur one. =)

Seriously, some of them have parents that work in the central bank itself and they have a wide knowledge on economics,financial, monetary stuffs. Some even read business related magazines while I read story books. Great. LOL.

Anyway they were all very amicable, and thus we became good friends even though we just met for a day. Had a wonderful time with all of them. ^^

Lastly, it was the Group Presentation. Or should I say, role playing?
It was very very interesting as we played roles like project manager, treasurer, logistic coordinator etc. Just like a company's admin team. So cool. We were required to hold activities or events to raise funds for our targeted groups. Sorta. Approximately 30 minutes was given to do our discussions and plannings on the mahjong paper(again). It was basically a teamwork, therefore you shouldn't be too bossy or too introvert.

After that we need to present it in front of 2 evaluators about our strategies, roles, financial plannings, targets, objectives etc. Our team actually did a great job, and we were all proud to be as a team. Yup, team spirit is a very important factor, and also, the difference maker.

And TaDa, it's the end! Phew~ Finally.
Before we left, once again they were so kind to treat us with fruits, coffee and tea as refreshments. Seriously, you wouldn't have a chance to get hungry here in BNM. hahaha.

Oh ya, our facilitators also sneaked into the store room to get free gifts for us as souvenirs. Aww, so sweet right? And you know what, not all the groups got that gift, only we had the privilege! Wee~

Waiting here at the lobby for dad to fetch me home.

Hmm. Honestly I think that everyone had done well on that day, thus it will be very competitive.
I'm quite optimistic, as I believe that I still stand a chance to be awarded with the scholarship mentioned. Anyhow, if I fail to get it, I'll be fine with that. I won't be too sad because, yea, it's mainly due to your luck when everyone else out there had also done a great job as you had.

Well don't laugh, maybe I will really work here someday, who knows?
Even if I can't secure the scholarship award, I will definitely try again in the future to enter the central bank!

Wish me Luck =)
scholarships scholarships come come come