Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Signs of Winter

It snowed once already in Surrey a few weeks ago. I woke up and everything outside was covered up by a thin layer of snow. Very thin though.

It didn't last long. When I wanted to actually go out and take pictures I realised it has started to melt and I thought it wasn't worth a shot.

Plus, it's not like I've never seen snow before so I tried to act as if I'm not very excited. lol.

My phone is also very festive now :D cute right i know. and I also know I shouldn't be awake at that time lol. 

Anyway, if you can see the weather forecast on the top left corner.. there were light  freezing fog the night before Surrey turned into some white wonderland.

and then when I woke up the next day, first thing I saw outside my window was..


I was like...did it just snow again?

"Must be just frost lah" I calmed myself down.

On my way to Austin Pierce building for maths test. And I still got time to take photos :P

I have never been so happy and calm before any test. Everything is so perfectly white! and I love white colour <3

It was so much more beautiful in real life.. even photos failed to describe. seriously.

Not snow. Frost only. But heck, it's still so beautiful!

Poor car haha

Imagine how I felt when the bells from cathedral started ringing rhythmically like some wedding going on.  I just stood alone right at this spot for a few seconds, staring at the beautiful scenery.

Words cannot describe. no words at all. 有一种莫名的感动..

yes I know I am very sentimental and easily contented yada yada.. anyway Welcome Winter, and happy holidays everyone!

P.S. what am I up to next:
done with Semester one; at least started doing my economic data analysis coursework; bought new clothes for Christmas; Trip to Portsmouth with friends this Thursday;  Charmaine & Dylan coming over Surrey during the weekends; Going up to London again on X'mas Eve, Planning to watch Phantom of the Opera or any musical, More X'mas shopping before and during Boxing day, Eat good food, countdown; come back to Surrey to study for exams; Finish up that damn coursework. haha :)