Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow in Surrey

The first thing I usually do after waking up every morning during Winter here: Get out of the bed. Look out of the window with a slightly excitable mood to check if the trees and pathways outside were blanketed by snow.

Like this:

 Winter, mid January 2013

I don't know why but it has eventually become a habit (it feels rather paranoid) that I still subconsciously practice up till today.

It's almost the end of February now and there were already hints of Spring earlier this month. 2 weeks ago, I finally got the chance to embrace the warmth and bright sunshine by just wearing a T shirt plus jacket/hoodie. Besides enthusiastically starting my research on the Spring Summer 2013 fashion online, I thought I could finally get rid of all the thick,bulky coats and scarfs etc. Just when I thought Spring is around the corner already...

The next morning I woke up to another gloomy day(like those back in December/January). I was so forgetful and not used to the cold weather once more that I had to go back to my house again after walking a few metres away, just to get my gloves. (Cannot withstand the cold) And the next thing I knew was that I saw some white colour flurries falling from the ominous sky. It started snowing lightly and my face literally went like that:   (====_______====""")

Weather these few days has been really cold and many of us believe that it is much colder now compared to January back then. The temperature is not really low, but the annoying problem is about the chilly wind (coming from Arctic if i'm not wrong) . Once it started blowing you don't even feel like walking anymore I swear. You just wish to be teleported quickly to the nearest building.

Hopefully like what the weather forecast suggests, the situation will improve later in the week.

In the meantime while I continue to pray for Spring to come faster, I am posting some photos of the first proper snowfall (where it's thick enough to build snowmen and call for a snowball fight) in Surrey last month because as far as I noticed I always forget to update here if I had already uploaded the photos to facebook.

My Ted Baker's shopper came in handy in the snow since it's waterproof!

The guys went to check out the frozen lake in campus.

Cute snowman! :3

Aren't you cold?? HUG HUG MR TURING

Twyford Court

It was beautiful indeed. But no thanks for now I just want the sun to shine, the flowers to blossom and I get to wear all the pastel colour skater skirts and floral jeggings!!