Friday, April 19, 2013

It's takeaway day

Throughout the week I have been catching up with all the episodes I missed in The Big Bang theory TV series. I watched a few episodes long time ago but for some obscure reasons I wasn't interested to continue. I started watching again last week and since then it has become my past time killer.

Since the characters in the drama always have Thai/Chinese takeaway together I was so tempted to get myself one too. (Fyi I don't usually do takeaways, except during exam times when I tapao kebab as a treat for myself)


£4.95 for a small tub of sushi rice topped with Chicken Katsu Curry. So Goooood. And their packaging is cute too!

I had walked past this small bento restaurant in town for don't-know-how-many times but had never walked in before. Probably I had bad experiences of finding good Japanese eateries in Guildford before this...but apparently Kokoro is operated by the Japanese so it's much much better. New addiction :)

But on other days, I usually like to imagine myself as a multi-talented potential good know, like the Chinese saying 入得厨房, 出得厅堂 lolol.

Soy sauce braised pork belly rice! (with eggs, potatoes and shitake mushrooms)

 My all-time-favourite because I will always cook one big pot and it will feed me for at least 3 meals hahaha. Ah, the perks of being a lazy uni student.

The best part is when you reheat it over and over again you will find that the gravy has already somehow thickened as compared to the more diluted one on the first day. 比较入味, which goes well with steamed rice or even on egg noodles :)