Saturday, September 18, 2010

Craving for 'outside food'

Holiday's over. 

Hello Assessment Week! 
*white hair and dark circles week*

(f*ck, I really found one white hair on my head that day I tell you!) 

The Raya break recently was no doubt a very enjoyable one. 
I flew back to my hometown, Penang island and had food trips throughout the week.
Penang food RULES! Sekali try, hari hari mahu.

It's not that school's food isn't good. In actual fact, our dining hall serves big hearty meals every day.
My dream had come true. Beef curry yesterday, roast lamb today, fish & chips tomorrow. 
*Burps* Bloated everyday. I've been fed well here, don't worry mummy! 

No, I'm not bored of food here yet. YET, I said.

Thus I tried to eat as much as possible when I went back.

I ♡ Outside Food 
( Note: When I say outside food, I mean food outside of my school)

Have you not watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love? :)

Come on, don't tell me you're not tempted by this.
Penang's char koay teow is apparently the BEST among the BEST!

The classic one- Penang Asam Laksa.
Not my favourite, but I like it :)

Hakka Yong Tofu.
Serdang's one is much nicer though.

Thick Thick Pancake (Black Sugar flavour)
(曼煎糕 lah.. )

Courier to me NAO!

Dim Sum.
Not Dai Dong one. But there's Dan Tat and Xiao Long Bao! =D

Dai Dong shall be reserved for the next gathering w/ my dearest ji mui gang.
*Hearts* ♥

My family dumped me in KTJ and went up to Cameron Highlands recently.
They actually phoned me and described to me what they'd eaten.
STEAMBOAT lah duh.

But it's okay, mummy compensated me with homemade one.
 Awesome :)

Actually I'd eaten much more than the photos shown above.
For example, how can I forget to eat my baobei Curry Mee w/ my baobeibei Taopoks?
I had it for like, the 1st thing after I woke up in the morning kay. 

Ahh, I'm starving. I want curry mee now!

Fine. I'm so health conscious nowadays. *proud*
(wtf did I just say that? Err. then what's with the photos shown just now? =.= )

well I mean..
Sleep early, rise early and have green veges in every meal.
No supper, man. No more bedtime maggie mee. 
What a good girl. wee!

Anyway, my dear friend Nabila brought me some nice Raya cakes from Kuching.
Thanks a lot! 
Outside food rocks. Serious!

And of course, Snow skin with red bean paste! Muacks :)
Mooncake festival is coming ;)) I've brought mooncakes to KTJ to share with friends too.


I miss home...
but not homesick lah. I can be really tough and independent one you know? 
teehee. xx

Mid Term break's coming soon!
2 weeks later and I'll be home :)