Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Random updates before going HOME

Guess what, I really feel like singing the 'balik kampung' song now. Wee!

Hari Raya break's gonna start tomorrow officially for KTJ, which means you'll be seeing me around different hawker stalls in Penang soon. =P

AH. Penang food. I'm so desperate to eat curry mee w/ lots of tao-poks and padang's pohpiah. Can somebody please courier to my room next time? Thank you.
But oh well, since I'm going back tomorrow..So, yea :)

Chocolate cupcake bought from school's club.
I chose British flag instead of M'sia.
Tsk Tsk.

 Thanks to Hazel(who's also from Penang) for bringing these precious Tao Sa Pneahs for me after coming back from exeat.

I seldom eat these back in Penang and never really like it that much..
but somehow when you're far away from home, anything from your hometown will definitely make you smile. ^_________^

Tata my home away from home, for 5 days? LOL.

and hello hello my dear Penang island!

See ya real soon :)